Mice may be cute guests, but they are certainly not polite. They don’t wait for an invitation and don’t mind leaving a path of destruction behind. In fighting mice invasion, it is essential to uncover their secrets. Arm yourself for battle by discovering the top seven ways they enter your kitchen. 1. Cracks and Crevices… Read more »

While Termites aren’t as common as roaches or ants, they can still be found in Culver City, CA. These pests cause a lot of damage lead to costly home repairs. Termites mainly feed on wood and especially love wood that’s close to the soil. They burrow in moist areas like crawl spaces and create mud… Read more »

COVID-19 has turned not only our lives upside down but many businesses as well. As lockdown started, many companies and stores were not considered an essential business. These nonessential businesses closed. But, what does that mean for pest control services? Unfortunately, pests are not going away because of the coronavirus. Instead, pest infestations have increased.… Read more »

IFS International established the Challenger of the Year Awards to recognize the outstanding achievements of business partners that employ IFS solutions to create value through innovation. Pacific Pest Control, a pest control company serving Orange County and Los Angeles County, is proud to accept the 2019 IFS WorkWave Impact Award. This honor is given to… Read more »

Spiders are not only annoying pests that can be frightening to come in contact with, but they can also be dangerous. Several species possess the ability to inject venom into humans with their bite, which can cause serious injuries. The following is how to spot poisonous spiders. Common Species of Poisonous Spiders in Los Angeles… Read more »