If you have ever seen pests of any kind on your property, from insects to rodents, you know that your initial reaction is an impulse to eliminate them IMMEDIATELY.  These invaders make you feel disgusted and out of control. You need help.

Even though you should act quickly, you also want to do so wisely. Your first step is to understand the vocabulary of pest management. What is the difference between the common terms extermination and pest control?


The concept of extermination relates to “complete destruction and eradication.” When applied to pest management, this term is associated with wiping out the immediate, visible pest infestation. Extermination can be considered crisis control, which is very tempting..

Traditional extermination relies on swift application of heavy pesticides that can kill a wide range of creatures. The treatment is often applied indiscriminately for fast results. However, this approach may not be environmentally-friendly, and may not address the underlying causes for the infestation.

If you opt for extermination only, you run the risk of a reinfestation as well as a range of ill-effects brought on by the substances that are used. There is a better answer for your emergency.

Pest Control

The concept of pest control involves a more comprehensive, long-range solution for addressing menaces to your property. It focuses on the reasons for your infestation. Effective control involves understanding the life cycles, habits and hiding places of specific species of pests and developing an individual plan for each situation.

The goal of pest control is to use as little pesticides as possible. In some situations, pesticides can be completely eliminated. Responsible pest management involves solving your problem while protecting the environment.

Pest control specialists are focused on treating your property without unnecessary toxins. They have received extensive training to become technicians.These technicians stay updated on newly-developed products and techniques to assure that you are being served with the best protection possible.

Who to Hire for Pest Control Services in Los Angeles County

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