Termites that are constantly feeding on your property can be very frustrating. They are hard to detect and can spread easily if the problem is not addressed or forgotten about. Termites can often time be difficult to treat for if they are not properly identified. This is why we pride ourselves by being thorough to investigate the source of each issue.

Termite Treatment Options:

If you are experiencing any termites on your property, please reach out to a professional at Pacific Pest, and we will assist with all your termite needs.

Foam Treatment

Utilizing pet & plant friendly you can relax in the comfort of your own home during the process.

Our Products:

  • Boracare
  • Termidor

These are either applied to the termite galleries, walls, crawl spaces and ground to control the termite colonies.

*Our product lasts years and we back it up with a TWO YEAR WARRANTY!

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Careful and effectively treated by using the Vikane gas, this product is contained in the structure for a predetermined time, normally 3 days.

This method of treatment allows the fumigation to penetrate deep into the wood to eliminate drywood termites.

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Termite Wood Damage Repairs

We offer termite damage and dry rot repairs by having our house wood crew professionally fix your property good as new. We want your experience with us to be the best.

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