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Pests infestations are a serious problem that can transform comfortable living spaces into uninhabitable places that can send visitors running. When problems with pests are left unaddressed, costly property damage can be done as pests eat into woodwork, furniture, and even a property’s foundation. Consequently, pest problems can lead to serious financial losses for homeowners and business owners. Pacific Pest Control provides the best pest control service orange county needs to keep properties in good shape while enabling property owners to feel comfortable indoors.

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People often wonder why they need to call an exterminator since they often assume that their pest problems will get better over time. The reality is that pest problems are only likely to get worse since most pests thrive on reproducing at a rapid rate. For instance, homeowners with rodent issues who do not call a rodent exterminator will often find nests of hundreds of pests within a matter of weeks after noticing the initial pest problem. Once a full infestation has appeared, rodent removal becomes much more complex while your odds of experiencing property damage become much higher. Consequently, it is crucial to take action immediately when you find pests in your home or business.

Ant Control & Pest Exterminator

Insects are some of the most unsightly pests that can appear in a living space. Unfortunately, seeing a few insects on the surface of your home’s interior is usually a sign of a much more severe pest problem behind floorboards, under furniture, and in your home’s exterior walls. Many insects only come out at night, and other insects are adept at hiding when humans are around. As a result, you should call an exterminator if you regularly see insects crawling around in your home.

Termite Inspection & Termite Treatment

Termites are some of the most common domestic pests, but they also have the greatest potential to cause severe property damage. Termites are problematic because they eat away at the wooden frame that keeps your home standing upright. Although termite wood repair is possible, it can often be avoided by simply addressing your termite problem at an early stage. Termite treatment strategies usually use small cameras to identify affected areas before applying fumigation to finish off the pests. Once termite control has been completed, a long-term termite treatment plan will usually be implemented to prevent the pests from coming back.

Termite Wood Damage Repair

Termites work 24 hours / 7 days a week at damaging the wood in and around a structure. No matter where or how your home is built, it is susceptible to termites. You can’t always see termites because they feed in inaccessible areas like wall void or in sub-flooring. Workers attack the wood in your home from the inside out and infestations can go undiscovered until the wood is too damaged too. We specialize in replacing and reshaping the structures to repair termite damaged wood back into original shape.

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Bees & Wasps

Bees & wasps are also a common danger that property owners face, and these pests can be eliminated by a professional. Insects with stingers can swarm around perceived invaders to inflict hundreds of stings that can be potentially deadly for people with existing health problems. Therefore, you should never ignore bees and wasps that form nests on your property.

Rodent Removal & Gopher Control

The pest control Orange County needs is often diverse due to the broad range of pest issues that can occur in California’s mild climate. Gopher control is often needed for properties that are situated near vacant land that can be a hotbed for pests. Rodent removal and termite control is also usually recommended when vacant lots are nearby. Additionally, disinfectant services are often necessary in the aftermath of a serious pest infestation.

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Getting the pest control Lost Angeles homeowners require to return to normal can seem like an arduous task. Thankfully, Pacific Pest Control has designed its services to be hassle-free so that you can get rapid turnaround to resolve your pest problem as soon as possible. Pacific Pest Control can manage the full range of pests that are found in California. Reach out to Pacific Pest Control today for a free service estimate.

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