Bees are a vital component to ensure we have a healthy and thriving ecosystem and world. During the warmer weather flowers and plants begin to blossom and grow which is when bees get to work.

They work endlessly pollinating plants and flowers that help keep life itself growing as they carry the pollen back to their colonies for harvesting. 

However, as beneficial as bees are for the environment, they aren’t very conducive when it comes to taking up real estate around your home or property. Bees can help your flowers grow, but may also be a hindrance from doing anything in your yard or around your property. 

For the business owners, the last thing customers and employees want to experience are constant stinging insects around the business. This will disincentive patrons from coming back and create a sense of fear and paranoia for employees if they think they’re always going to be stung. 

Nobody wants to hang out around an active bee colony because bees can be extremely protective of their hive. There are a large number of people who are severely allergic to a single bee sting and when bee colonies attack, they can be incredibly vicious. 

Getting a proper bee removal service will ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable and the bees can help the environment thrive in a more suitable area of town for them.  

Why Do Bees Invade Your Home or Property? 

As growth and development of homes and businesses continues to occur, bees who find themselves living in urban environments are forced to adapt. Part of this adaptation is finding new ways of living which include building their hives around, or even in, homes and properties. 

Bees will build their hives even inside wall voids or areas that seem like they’re secure and since they’re already so small they only need about an inch size hole to enter and exit from.  

Other factors that may draw bees to a home or property may include what the yard or surrounding areas look like. While out foraging, bees rack up the miles and will fly up to 6 to 8 miles in one day! If the surrounding area looks like it might be promising and full of potential for the bees to thrive then they will more likely want to set up shop in that area. 

Signs of Bee Infestations 

To determine if a home or property has an active bee infestation there are a few signs to look out for. While it’s important to keep in mind not every infestation will show the same signs, or any signs at all, there are some general things to look out for such as: 


Bee hives are generally going to be pretty loud with all of the buzzing bees congregating in one area. 

High levels of activity 

Noticing an increased number of bee activity is sure sign that there may be a bee infestation, even finding the nest itself!

Spots and holes on the wall 

Bees will squeeze into small holes in walls and make a general mess as they actively move in and out. Noticing any holes that look out of place is another sign of bee activity. 

Keeping Bees off Your Property

There isn’t a real way to keep bees from not flying onto the property, but there are certain things owners can do to reduce the incentive for bees to stop by.

Minimizing how many flowers are actually planted and blooming in the area will give the bees less of a reason to enter the garden or yard. Also, avoid leaving out any food or beverage will greatly reduce any bee from coming into the garden or yard along with other stinging insects. 

Ultimately, the best way to keep bees away is to observe where they typically pay a visit and remove whatever they frequently go after. Maintaining the bee population around your home or garden is difficult, but not impossible if you are proactive about it. 

Our Bee Treatment Process 

Pacific Pest Control has been treating and handling bee infestations for the residents and businesses in LA and Orange county for over a decade. Handling bees is no easy task and anyone experiencing them should not attempt to remove the nest on their own. 

Our technicians are trained to safely and effectively remove the bees and ensure they stay away. Fortunately, bees typically won’t come back to the same spot once they’re gone or have been removed, so if a bee colony does reappear in a formerly occupied space, it’s most likely a new colony. 

The goal of treating bees is to cause as little harm to the colony as possible due to bees being so vital. It’s not Pacific Pest’s goal to harm the bees, but simply remove them from the property and seal any holes that they may be gaining entry from. 

Hire Professional Bee Control 

Hiring a professional company, like Pacific Pest Control, should be the first steps to take when a bee infestation appears. Trying to handle the bee infestation alone puts you and those around you at a greater level of danger that is not necessary. Ensure that the job gets done right the first time and that the bees don’t continue to grow their infestation. 

Pacific Pest Control will safely remove the bees from the property and minimize damage caused to the property and bees themselves. For over a decade the Pacific Pest team has been removing and protecting homes from bee infestations by carefully removing the hive and reducing incentive for bees to stay around. 

Contact the Pacific Pest Control team today to talk about a possible bee infestation around your home or property and receive a free consultation.