An infestation of birds around your home or commercial property is surely to bring a lot of unnecessary problems. The constant noise of them flying in and out, excess droppings around you and your family, and the potential for damages is nothing worth keeping around. As peaceful as birds may be, they have no business taking up residency around your home. 

Birds can be beneficial to have around because they can provide a natural form of pest control by eating all the bugs around the home. Unfortunately, the birds don’t warranty their work and keeping them around may do more harm than good.

Find professional bird control help to get a bird invasion under control and keep them from ever coming back. 

Why Do Birds Infest Homes or Businesses? 

Birds will infest a property under no malicious intent, but merely for survival. They are seeking a promising shelter for the nests and eggs, and can even benefit from striking out on a food source. Just like us, humans, birds need shelter, food, and water to survive, and unfortunately for us, humans, our homes offer all that in one place for birds. 

A typical home or property has potentially an endless amount of nesting areas for birds to thrive. Eves that surround the majority of the property or any holes that lead inside the walls provide protection from the elements and prey.

Birds are a natural part of the ecosystem which means they must always be on the lookout for hunters all the while trying to survive and raise their young. 

How Do I Know if I Have a Bird Infestation? 

An infestation of birds comes in a variety of forms depending on where the activity is located and the type of bird.

Common Signs of Bird Infestations

  • Increase in bird activity 
  • Noticeable grouping around the home 
  • More bird droppings 
  • Overall a lot more noise in general 

Bird Control Methods 

Handling a bird infestation is no easy task, because it’s not an overnight process which means you’re going to need a lot of patience. There are two different ways that we can get a bird infestation under control. 

Keeping birds away from your home or commercial property is no easy task. When it comes to bird infestations they come in different shapes and sizes depending on the infestation. To properly handle an infestation there are a few bird control methods that can be used to finally find peace on your property once more. 

Bird Netting

This bird control product consists of applying a barrier between access to your home and the bird. A physical exclusion is the best method for controlling birds because they are not at any risk of harm and they won’t be able to enter your home.

This is best for areas like rooftops, ceilings, and other larger areas. 


Sometimes birds don’t need to be inside the property to be infesting the area. For the situations where birds are constantly perched or congregating, Hot Foot can be applied to ensure they don’t stay for long by creating a sticky surface that discourages them from coming back.

This bird control product can be applied to ledges, pipes, or areas where spikes aren’t successful. 

Hire a Professional Bird Control Specialist 

Birds are vital components to the ecosystem and the environment, but not your home. They can cause damages around your home and even spread diseases through the increase in droppings or the spike in general bird activity around the property. 

A professional pest control company, like Pacific Pest Control, is capable and ready to handle all your bird infestation issues. Hiring a trained and certified specialist to take care of a bird infestation is vital to ensure that no more issues continue to occur, or even grow out of hand. 

Getting on top of a bird infestation as soon as it starts to occur is vital to ensure that the local bird population around the property doesn’t get out of hand. For years many have trusted Pacific Pest Control to handle all their bird infestations.

We will make sure that the birds are carefully and tactically removed from the property and take all necessary measures to keep them out. 

Pacific Pest Control offers industry-leading bird control for anyone experiencing an infestation at their home or commercial property. Our technicians are state certified and receive special training to be better prepared to handle any, and all, bird infestations. 

Contact Pacific Pest Control today and talk to a certified technician if you think you might be experiencing a bird infestation or want more information!