A bird control and prevention program is essential to the success of your home or business. Because each and every one has different situations. We will create a plan tailor made for your you. We will use a combination of exclusion, good sanitation, and good prevention methods to ensure your health and safety.

Our Bird Control Methods

Bird Netting offers a physical exclusion from pigeons, sparrows, and starlings that may be roosting on your facility or passing through on a daily basis. Bird Netting if possible is the best method of control for large areas such as roof tops, ceilings, alcoves, etc. where birds nest, perch, and reproduce.

Avitrol is a good method of control in areas such as roof tops, ledges, and warehouses and is a very cost-effective control measure. Hot foot is designed to deter birds from landing on ledges, piping, and areas where spikes and other bird repellent products may not work quite as well. As birds land they will get their feet or feathers temporarily stuck and will then deter them from coming back to perch in the same area.