Known from its beautiful coastline and mild weather, Laguna Beach is the perfect destination for folks who love living near the ocean. There’s always something fun to do throughout the year. While Laguna Beach has many adoring qualities, pests can still wreak havoc on local homes and business. This is why pest control Laguna is so important.

Whether you’re currently experiencing a pest problem or looking to prevent one from occurring, you can always count on Pacific Pest Control. We have been proudly serving Laguna Beach and the surrounding area for more than a decade.

Pest Control

At Pacific Pest Control, we offer home and commercial pest control services. Indoor pests, like cockroaches and ants, can cause a lot of trouble. Meanwhile, bees and wasps can ruin your outdoor experience. Also, don’t overlook the importance bird exclusion. Aside from being extremely unsightly, bird droppings are acidic enough to eat away at roofing materials. Even worse, these droppings can contain a number of different diseases. Bird exclusion is well worth the extra sense of security.

Termite Control

Termites have the potential to cause more structural damage than any other pest in Laguna Beach. This is why we recommend everyone to obtain a yearly termite inspection. If these insects have already begun to cause trouble, take advantage of our termite damage repair services. Our technicians can handle all the required wood repair. After termite damage repair has been done, your property will look like new again. Routine termite treatments will help prevent any further problems.

Disinfectant Services: SARS / COVID-19

With the spread of viruses now being such a big concern, it’s more important than ever to seek Covid-19 disinfecting service. By applying an EPA-registered product to all hard surfaces, our Covid-19 disinfecting service can kill 100 percent of germs on contact. We treat local businesses, schools, government buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, banks, restaurants, and dealerships.

Rodent Control

Laguna Beach rodent control is critical. Mice and rats are always looking to take refuge inside buildings. As soon as you notice the signs of mice and rats, immediately seek Laguna Beach rodent control. These critters tend to multiple extremely quickly. The first step to rat extermination Laugna is to seal cracks and holes. Next, our team will need to set rodent bait stations. Not only are rodent bait stations highly effective, but they also protect children and pets from poisons. After rat extermination Laugna is complete, the process of disinfecting infested areas can begin.

Get a Free Termite Inspection

If you need pest control Laguna services, contact Pacific Pest Control. Aside from pest elimination, we also offer disinfectant services and termite wood repair. Call us for a free estimate on service.