Located on the popular southern California coast near some of the best beaches in the country, Newport Beach is a glamorous spot to work, live and play. From boat-filled harbors and beachside amusement parks to some of the greatest surfing waves around, this city offers residents a chance to feel as if they are on a permanent vacation.

However, termite issues are a bit less vacation-like and can cause huge issues for beach towns that have moist, sandy soil. Because of the mild climate here, termites are active in their wood-damaging pursuits all year long, causing huge headaches for residents and business owners. With professional termite control Newport Beach from Pacific Pest Control, you can get help for all of your termite problems along with numerous other options for pest control near me.

Newport Beach Exterminator

Pacific Pest Control has over 10 years of experience in providing termite control Newport Beach and plenty of other pest control services for homes and businesses. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with all of our work and that we will keep you and your household or employees safe and healthy throughout all our pest control procedures. With our services, you will be able to take care of your property while finding complete peace of mind.


Residential Pest Control

Residential pest control gets rid of current problems and keeps your home safe all year long.

Termite Control

Using fumigation or foam treatments, we can safely get rid of termites and prevent them from coming back for years.

Termite Damage Repair

Termite damage repair starts with a thorough inspection and provides excellent solutions for wooden structures.

Rodent Elimination

Our multi-step rodent elimination plans get rid of rodent access points, trap rodents and clean up droppings.

Disinfectant Services

Rodent Infestations, Cockroaches, Flies and other insects can carry harmful bacteria, germs and other organisms that can be harmful to your health. Pacific’s Disinfectant Services will disinfect the areas with a product called Nisus DSV, a EPA approved disinfectant that is effective agains organisms such as E Coli, Salmonella and Viruses such as Hantavirus, Hepatitis, and Human Coronavirus

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Attic Cleaning and Tap Insulation

We can disinfect and deodorize attics while also closing off entry points to residential rodents.

Bird and Piegon Control

Bird netting and Avitrol bird and piegon control methods are safe and cost-effective at repelling unwelcome birds around homes and businesses.

Commercial Pest Control

We treat a variety of commercial pests, including flies, German roaches, rodents and bed bugs.

Gopher Control

Customized gopher control solutions get rid of mounds and tunnels in your back yard to reduce lawn collapse.

The Best Pest Control Near Me

By choosing a local Newport Beach exterminator, you can rest assured that we know all about the area and about the common pests living here. We can act quickly to remove unsafe and unsanitary pests from your property so that you can get back to what you do best.

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They showed up on time, Gave my sellers a detailed report and estimate. Although we did not end up using them, they were very professional and very responsive.
Parisa Houshangi
Parisa Houshangi
03:48 12 Feb 21
Excellent service, very accommodating with re-scheduling. Their service eliminated my rodent issues and their quarterly spider/flea service has kept my pets safe.
Lisa O.
Lisa O.
17:31 28 Jan 21
Julio provides excellent pest control service. He calls in advance of the service day and is very responsive to our requests. He is timely, thorough, professional and friendly.
Faye Calimag
Faye Calimag
17:16 24 Jan 21
I use Andy for all my termite inspections. As one of the top Realtors in OC is very important to have an honest inspector and great termite company to back you up. They always got my back and get the job done ✅Thank you guys
Reza Shirangi
Reza Shirangi
16:06 22 Jan 21
Professional, knowledgeable, friendly. The technician was very accommodating for us to start inside, on the opposite side of the house. He made sure we knew when to put our items back in the closets. Also recommended when to have additional interior services repeated, to keep the house free of pestsDefinitely I would recommend this company
Kathy Marano
Kathy Marano
16:10 21 Jan 21
Frank Chang
Frank Chang
17:34 19 Jan 21
Haideh Gonili
Haideh Gonili
17:00 19 Jan 21