Residential Services

Our year-round pest control service will create several barriers around your home to minimize and keep pests away from your property. Your service technician’s goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied and this is why we continue to service your home through each season. Before your technician services your home, we will send an e-mail notification one week in advance for your scheduled appointment. Once your technician arrives to your home he will cover your home with the three barrier protection plan.

We will inject organic dust into your walls by going behind your power outlets and in any plumbing areas. This helps treat for many pests that are lurking in the walls. If you are having active pests in your home, we can lightly treat along the baseboards with a liquid treatment which has a low odor.

The next barrier is right around the exterior of your home. Your technician applies this with a power-sprayer where he uses at least 6 gallons. This barrier is designed to keep pests from getting back into the walls of your home. We wipe spider webs off your home to prevent spiders from nesting. To prevent spiders from returning we can treat your eves 18 feet up with a micro-encapsulated residual material. The third and most important barrier is the perimeter of your home. We will treat along the sidewalks, driveway, yard, and fence line. This is where spiders, earwigs, crickets, ants, & other invaders come from. We will continue to service the 2 exterior barriers for maximum protection. We will always re-service inside and outside between visits free of charge.

Price for a one time intensive inside and out 3 barrier protection starts at $225. Save $50 by signing up for a one year service agreement. Follow up quarterly service on an agreement is $109, Bi-monthly is $89 and Monthly is $69. Schedule a Service to sign up and get a quote based on the size of your home.