Every business owner with a commercial property will encounter pests in, or around, their business at some point. Once pests begin to invade a commercial property, it can be what seems to be a never ending uphill battle. Most pests are so small and have such quick breeding cycles that they can quickly begin to populate your business without ever fully realizing it before. 

Pests are the last thing you, or anyone in your company, should have to worry about because not only are they a nuisance, but they bring a lot of problems along with them. They can spread disease around the workplace putting employees and customers at risk and they will completely ruin the overall perception of the business.

Aside from how others may view a business infested by pests, the whole business itself may be put at jeopardy by potentially violating health codes. 

Why Do Pests Invade Your Business? 

There are a number of reasons why pests would infest a business, because it depends on the business type, location of the property, and the type of pests that are gaining entry. Overall, the main reason pests try to work their way into a business is for survival! They require food, water, and shelter just like us humans and your business’s property may provide all that and more for them. 

Pests are very much a part of our world’s ecosystem which means they fall into the food chain as well. Your business may offer protection from the outside world like other hunters and the outside elements, just like you, they want to be protected from adverse weather. 

Signs of Pest Infestation in Your Business 

There are a variety of different signs that may indicate pests are invading your business.

Common Signs of a pest infestation in your business

  • Obvious increase in general pest activity 
  • Droppings 
  • Odd or disgusting smells 
  • Damaged plants 
  • Build up of dirt, grime, or grease

The signs of a pest infestation are going to be unique for each business, but they should be noticable given the business keeps up with proper health and hygiene practices. 

Benefits of Routine Commercial Pest Control

Every business owner should heavily consider investing in a professional routine pest control service. The costs of maintaining a routine commercial pest control service far outweighs the potential costs that unattended pests can cause a business. Creating this pest free environment also helps ensure your business is keeping up on proper health code. 

Striving everyday to provide employees and customers with a safe environment should be on the forefront of every owner’s priority list. Ensuring that all efforts are being met to eliminate any potential for pest activity on the premises is an easy task to check off the list with commercial pest control. 

To maintain a high customer retention the customer needs to have a positive experience that is most definitely free of pests. If your customer’s last experience involved a cockroach running out from under the table or catching glimpses of rodents on the property, they may not ever come back or refer you. A commercial pest control service will stop these nightmares from ever becoming a reality. 

Our Commercial Pest Control 

For over a decade Pacific Pest Control has been providing LA and Orange county with the area’s best commercial pest control services. The Pacific Pest commercial pest control service provides not only a routine service to protect your business, but also results that last. 

Our technicians are trained to inspect each business every service and adjust the service accordingly. When it comes to commercial pest control there is not a one size fits all, at least not for an effective treatment that shows results. 

Finding all the vulnerable and weak points are the property and treating them is a vital step in a proper service, along with identifying and treating harborage points. Pests come in all different shapes, sizes, behaviors, and life requirements so how one survives may be different for another. 

Our Commercial Pest Control Services include:


  • Fly Lights
  • Baits
  • Drain Treatments

German Roaches

  • Glue Boards
  • Flush outs


  • Tin Cats
  • Glue Boards
  • Exclusions

Bed Bugs

  • Flush Outs
  • Specialty Treatments

Hire a Commercial Pest Control Company Near You! 

Commercial pest control can save a business thousands of dollars by staying on top of pest activity before it builds up, stops the pests before they can cause damage, or even worse violate health codes.

Providing the employees and customers with a safe environment should be every business owner’s top priority or else you run a risk of losing the business completely. 

Pacific Pest Control can satisfy all of your commercial pest control needs and see to it that there are no pests bothering your business. Our years of experience serving LA and Orange county has helped us refine our process and discover the best way to fight off the pests from your business. 

Commercial pest control can vary in price depending on who is providing the service, to get a free consultation from one of our certified representatives, contact us today! 

Don’t let another day go by letting your business be vulnerable to a pest infestation, get on top of it before it becomes an issue.