Taking proper gopher control measures is incredibly important before the gopher population grows and begins to cause damage to the property or yard. Gophers are small, furry rodents that burrow tunnels underground to protect them from predators such as snakes and hawks. 

These rodents are considered to be a true pest when they show up in a yard or a plot of land because they can be harmful to the property and also quite the nuisance. Gophers are pretty difficult to get under control so at first signs of activity a professional service should be contacted immediately to begin the removal process. 

A typical gopher female will give birth once or twice a year to a litter size of roughly 3 to 4 younglings. Though other pests will have more frequent birthing cycles, gophers are quick to establish their own burrows at about 5 weeks which means they can spread fast. 

Why Do Gophers Invade Your Property or Home? 

Gophers will invade a property or home for similar reasons other pests do, to survive! These rodents are a part of the food chain and the ecosystem which means they are scavenging for food and shelter all while dodging predators.  Fighting for survival on a daily basis means they must look for places to dig their tunnels that are more promising of food and fewer signs of predator activity. 

There are a variety of reasons why gophers may choose one property over another such as a flourishing garden and plant life, safer environment, and even other gopher activity. 

Signs of a Gopher Infestation? 

Spotting gopher activity can be pretty difficult considering they travel underground the majority of time. Spending your days underground as much as they do can be troublesome for those of us who spend our days above ground, but there are some things you can look out for such as: 


Gophers will often build mounds around the entrance of their tunnels and leave them after they begin digging further. Noticing random fanned out mounds of dirt around the property is one of the most prominent signs that there is a possible gopher infestation. 


Unfortunately, trees and plants stand no chance when a gopher is present. These rodents will eat them  from underground and even damage the roots causing the vegetation to be stressed or even worse, dead. 

Keeping gophers away from a garden or property is extremely difficult due to gophers being ground dwellers, but there are a few things to try to help reduce the activity.

Placing mesh wiring underground a few inches will keep gophers from surfacing and creating mounds, but this is quite a difficult task depending on the area that needs to be covered. 

Opting for raised garden beds is another great way to keep gophers away from a garden, but not everyone has the luxury or capability to build or buy one. Professional gopher control is utterly important due to the limited amount of precautions that can be taken to reduce or disincentive them from showing up. 

Our Gopher Treatment Process 

Pacific Pest Control is more than capable of getting rid of a gopher infestation because for over ten years, the Pacific Pest team has been perfecting the gopher control process.

Serving LA and Orange county for so long has allowed Pacific Pest to refine the gopher removal process to produce long lasting results. 

Removing gophers can be extremely tricky and requires a lot of patience because of the nature of their underground dwellings. Baiting and trapping is a promising way of removing a gopher infestation that takes a little bit of time and a lot of expertise. 

Pacific Pest technicians are trained to tactically bait and trap gophers by understanding their common behavior and patterns. Simply placing out bait and traps around mounds is not a promising way to get results, unlike creating a strategy.

The technician removing the gopher infestation will devise a custom plan based on the activity patterns, location, and known number of gophers. 

Hire Professional Gopher Control Treatment 

At first signs of gopher activity it is imperative that you contact a professional gopher control company, such as Pacific Pest Control, to begin treating the infestation. It can be difficult to get an infestation under control, and even worse, it can be more difficult to spot an infestation. 

Pacific Pest Control has been performing gopher control for homes and properties in LA and Orange county for well over a decade. The team is experienced and understands what it takes to remove a gopher infestation and spotting signs of activity before it gets out of hand. 

Contact Pacific Pest Control today to talk with a certified representative and receive a free consultation. If there is even one sign of gopher activity it is best to get it inspected before it turns into an even worse infestation that could cost a lot in damages to the yard and vegetation.