Gopher control is an important part of home or business maintenance for the property. Homeowners have an investment to protect, and the lawn is part of the total package that is evaluated to determine the property’s value. Gopher control protects this investment and keeps the area safe for humans. Selecting the right method to get rid of these pests is also extremely important.

Home equity is real wealth for many homeowners, so a gopher infestation is the last thing you want in your back yard. Business owners face a similar situation when maintaining the property where the company conducts its affairs. Gopher infestations can harm the property of both homeowners and business owners, but they might also pose a health hazard as well. Consider the common gopher problems that can face home and business owners in this region.

Gopher Mounds

Gophers are known for their ability to burrow tunnels into the ground. If the business or home has a lawn infested with gophers, they can cause extensive damage to the property. The best course of action is to get them removed from the property immediately. Since this damage is so expensive to repair, it’s important to evaluate the cost of getting the gophers removed against the cost of allowing the damage to continue. For example, gophers are capable of causing entire portions of the lawn to collapse or cave in, and this compromises the integrity of the entire space. For the best outcome possible, make sure to contact our reliable gopher control company at the first sign of a gopher infestation.

How to Get Rid of Gophers

The main gopher control features include the option of trapping or baiting these pests. This feature is popular because it addresses the source of the gopher problem. Trapping requires experience, and this also might require more time. It involves locating the tunnel and utilizing various trapping methods to get rid of the gophers. Baiting and other options also require experience, training and special equipment to perform properly.

Each case is unique, so we don’t recommend a one-size-fits-all approach to gopher control. Customization is an effective feature that we offer to our customers. Our service professionals carefully analyze each situation in order to determine the most appropriate method. We encourage potential clients to contact us with additional question about the features and benefits of gopher control services.

Advantages and Benefits of Gopher Control

There are many advantages of using our premium gopher control service plans. These critters can damage property, but they might also pose a health hazard. Gophers are mammals, and this means that they are capable of carrying and transmitting diseases like rabies. Take advantage of the professional gopher control services, which are customized to fit the situation you face on your property.

Take advantage of the experience of our trained professionals. We can assess the property and the extent of the infestation of gophers in order to come up with the most beneficial plan. This can even include the location and removal of dead gophers, for example. If they die in places that are difficult to find, it could attract other pests. Gophers can remain undetected for extensive periods of time while they tunnel under the ground. Contact our team at the first sign of a gopher infestation for the best results.

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