While Termites aren’t as common as roaches or ants, they can still be found in Culver City, CA. These pests cause a lot of damage lead to costly home repairs. Termites mainly feed on wood and especially love wood that’s close to the soil. They burrow in moist areas like crawl spaces and create mud tunnels to go to and from food sources, making them difficult to detect until damage is done.

If left untreated, a termite infestation can affect your wooden furniture and wooden home structures. This can lead to expensive repairs and damage to your home. If you find yourself with a termite problem, here are some ways to get rid of them. 

Keep Your Home Sealed

Termites can easily start feeding off your exterior wood structures through small holes and cracks. This can eventually cause cosmetic and structural damage. If you notice any holes or cracks in your door frames, support beams, window frames or floors, seal them right away with wood filler or caulk to prevent an infestation. 

Be Mindful of Soil

Termites love moist soil and mulch, as it allows them to easily burrow into the ground and get into your crawl space or foundation. If you use mulch in your yard or garden, keep the soil at a safe distance from your foundation to make it harder for termites to burrow underneath. 

Keep Excess Moisture Away From Your Home

Like many insects, termites thrive in humid climates and need moisture to survive and create mud tunnels. Excess moisture can also cause exterior wood structures to weaken and allow for easy termite infestation.

Clean your gutters regularly to encourage rainwater to flow away from your home. For crawl spaces, regular inspections are great for detecting any water that may be leaking in through your foundation. If you store firewood near your home, keep it above-ground and at a safe distance from your home. 

Termite Treatment Culver City – Pacific Pest Control

While these tips can help prevent an infestation, the best way to solve your termite problem is to call a professional exterminator. Our experts at Pacific Pest Control take pride in investigating and eliminating termite infestations and providing necessary repairs.

We offer foam treatments, which work well for small termite issues and are safe for you and your pets. Treatments are typically applied to crawl spaces, walls, and the ground surrounding your property.

For dry wood termites, which are usually harder to eliminate, we offer fumigation treatments. Fumigation typically lasts three days and penetrates every part of your home. No matter your situation, our experts are here to help you rid your home of termites.

Contact us today for a free estimate or with questions regarding termite control.