Termites are never fun to deal with. They are a nuisance and certain types of them can cause destruction. Every homeowner should take the threat of a termite infestation very seriously. We are Pacific Pest Control created this article so you can learn the steps to prevent a termite infestation.

1. Sealing Access Points

One of the best ways to fight against termites is to limit their entry access points. Gas and water lines are a good place to start. Check around the entire perimeter of the home to look for obvious cracks and crevices that would allow entry for termites. Wood-to-ground contact is also something to keep an eye on.

Wood-to-ground contact is when any wooden structure or component of your home is in direct contact with the soil. Termites love this, especially subterranean termites. Removing that contact removes another entryway to the home.

2. Reduce Moisture Levels

There is a reason you see a mom or dad upset with their child after failing to empty the dehumidifier in the house. Pests love areas with high levels of moisture, and that includes termites. Make sure the gutters and downspouts of your home are correctly secured and functioning correctly. If moisture continues to build around the foundation, termites will gladly accept that invitation inside. 

3. Put Food Away

Like any other pest, a termite is always on the look for its next meal. Therefore, homeowners should not be the ones gifting it that food. Termites crave lumber, firewood, cardboard boxes and other similar objects. Even something as simple as moving a stack of firewood away from the home can do wonders when trying to prevent termites. 

4. General Maintenance

An infestation typically comes after multiple areas of the house were left unattended. Avoid problems by taking little steps throughout the week to keep things in order. Routine checks around the house, maintaining wooden structures (such as window frames and interior/exterior trim) and overall cleanliness will help prevent larger issues from occurring. 

5. Professional Assistance

Perhaps the best way to avoid a termite infestation is to trust a team of professionals. Pacific Pest Control has been offering top-tier service in the pest industry for over ten years! Providing the best possible solution will keep our customers safe and healthy. Contact Pacific Pest Control today to speak to an expert.