Mice may be cute guests, but they are certainly not polite. They don’t wait for an invitation and don’t mind leaving a path of destruction behind. In fighting mice invasion, it is essential to uncover their secrets.

Arm yourself for battle by discovering the top seven ways they enter your kitchen.

1. Cracks and Crevices Found in Walls, Floors, and Foundations

Fractures within the walls, floors, and foundations can often be overlooked. This oversight is because these cracks seem too small for mice. Unfortunately, they are highly flexible. They can wiggle their way through crevices no larger than a quarter-inch in diameter.    

2. Deterioration around Doorways

Mice may rarely dart into an open door. However, the most likely entry point is not the door itself, but the deteriorating weather stripping or frame around the door. If you have a door frame that mice may be able to get through, it might be time to call a mice exterminator.

3. Gaps in Ceilings or Windows

Doors are not the only inviting openings. If windows or ceilings have gaps at any point, these openings provide excellent entrances for mice. Window gaps are popular entrance for most common pests found in homes.

 4. Openings for Outlets and Wiring                                             

Some entry points are hidden from view altogether. A favorite entrance for mice is behind or under the stove. Many installers leave spaces around outlets, wiring and conduits. They take advantage of these openings and may even chew through wires to make the pathways more accessible.

5. Spaces Hidden Behind Cabinets 

Since mice like to stay hidden, they might also force their way into the spaces behind cabinets or gaps around the shelves. This secret entrance allows them direct access to a wide range of tasty treats. Don’t share your snacks with mice, keep your house pest free!

6. Plumbing for Sinks and Garbage Disposals           

Sometimes mice enjoy a break from squeezing through nooks and crannies. If they can work their way into the plumbing system, they experience an open highway into the kitchen while the room is unoccupied.

7. Ventilation Systems into the Kitchen                           

Most kitchens have an excellent setup for ventilating the room. Unfortunately, what allows unwanted smoke or smells out of the kitchen can also let unwanted creatures inside.

Once you know the most popular entry points of mice, you are ready to start thwarting their efforts. Don’t try to outwit them. Once mice find a foothold, they will set up residence and quickly begin populating your home. 

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