COVID-19 has turned not only our lives upside down but many businesses as well. As lockdown started, many companies and stores were not considered an essential business. These nonessential businesses closed. But, what does that mean for pest control services?

Unfortunately, pests are not going away because of the coronavirus. Instead, pest infestations have increased. And, the best way to control pest invasions is with pest control services. Not only do these companies help keep your household healthy, some like Pacific Pest Control is licensed in Disinfectant Services which offer services to protect your family against Viruses and Bacteria such as Sars and Covid-19

How Pests Impact Buildings

Unoccupied or unmaintained buildings are perfect areas for pests seeking shelter and breeding. These pests can damage parts of buildings to find food and nesting places. For example, rodents gnaw and shred objects to nest. And, birds damage roofs and block drains which can lead to flooding.

Building damage is not the only issue pests can cause. Pests also contaminate surfaces with their droppings. Once pests enter the premises and have access to food supplies and waste bins, they breed fast. The best way to avoid these pest issues is to keep a pest control service on-hand.

How Pests Increase Financial Losses

Once you have a pest infestation, expect some financial losses. Infestations increase the costs of disinfection, repair and maintenance. Recent studies show 70% of businesses suffered significant financial losses during an infestation.

These studies occurred before COVID-19. So, think about how buildings are now without anyone in them. Keeping pest control as an essential business can help your company beat financial losses in the long run.

How Pest Risk the Health of Employees

Damaging buildings and creating financial problems are only two issues pests create. The biggest problem they can cause is risking the health of employees. Pests carry life-threatening illnesses including West Nile virus, Lyme disease, and salmonellosis. Cockroach and rodent allergens can cause asthma attacks as well. Pest control services rid and sanitize your office of any pest infested areas.

How to Keep Away Pests if You Close the Office

If your company decides to close the office and work from home, there are a few ways to keep pests away. Before locking the building, you should seal all openings. The best way to seal openings includes caulking cracks, repairing broken windows, and closing vents.

The next step is employees need to throw away the trash, to take home uneaten food, and to wipe down desks and counters. The last thing to do before leaving is to get rid of moisture. Pests love areas with water. Before heading out insulate water pipes, fix leaky faucets and run a humidifier. Also, keep your pest control services on-hand.

Pest Control Services in Orange County

Whether pests invade your office or home, pest control services are an essential business to keep everyone safe. If you are on the lookout for quality service in Orange and Los Angeles County, contact Pacific Pest Control for more information. Call today for a free quote!