Reacting swiftly to the first signs of a pest infestation is necessary to avoid costly treatments and repairs. If you are suffering from an ant infestation in Orange Country, Pacific Pest Control can eliminate the problem before it gets out of hand.

Their unrelenting nature and ability to multiply rapidly make ants particularly bothersome. As they build their nests and forage for food in your home, many ant species can seriously damage your home. As a result, it gives rise to a number of unwanted costs.

If given time to settle inside your home and support their nests, ants become extremely difficult to get rid of. This forces you to use a number of expensive and hazardous treatments. Knowing effective ways to prevent ants from entering your home is critical to saving you from these headaches. These tips are an excellent start to prevent an ant infestation in your home!

Tip #1: Seal off All Entrances

The first step to prevent an ant infestation is shutting off access. With ants being so small and able to maneuver through the tiniest cavities, finding all entry points around your home can be challenging. Observe how they travel and follow their paths to find the entrances they use. Seal entrances with caulk, putty, glues or foams that provide a permanent solution and won’t deteriorate quickly over time.

Continue sealing any potential access points even after you have identified the current paths. Find and fill in any small openings or cracks around windows, doors and pipework. Consider sprinkling or spraying a chemical barrier around your perimeter for an added layer of protection. Use caution and confer with a professional to ensure you are selecting and using these treatments appropriately.

Tip #2: Eliminate Access to Food Sources

Discovering scouts can be highly impactful in reducing the onset of an endless stream of ants. Single ants go out to identify viable food sources and report back to the colony. While destroying these scouts quickly can slow the advancement of additional ants, removing attractants is a longer-lasting approach.

Always clean up any food on counters or in the sink and attend to any spills or minor sticky spots that can attract ants. They are able to work through the smallest entry points. so sealing food in airtight containers can reduce ants’ ability to perceive scents and eliminate access.

Tip #3: Hire Pest Control Services Orange County

Getting rid of ants is an exhausting chore when nests are established in the home. At Pacific Pest Control, we understand how critical successful pest prevention and control is for your safety, comfort and convenience.

If you are looking for pest control services in Orange County, contact Pacific Pest Control today. For more information on how to prevent ant infestations, speak with one of our professionals today.