Mission Viejo ranks among the best places to live in California. Residents cherish this community’s suburban atmosphere. The beautiful scenery makes this city even more charming. Because the coast is just a short drive away, locals can always enjoy life on the beach. While Mission Viejo is located in a great area, pests can still cause issues for homes and businesses. If you have been searching for pest control near me, Pacific Pest Control has been serving Mission Viejo for more than a decade. Let’s take a closer look at some of the services that we offer.

Pest Exterminator

Whether you’re a homeowner or run a business in Mission Viejo, you need to make pest control a big priority. There are a number of different troublemakers that you need to protect against. A pest exterminator Mission Viejo can help you to avoid a serious infestation. Although gophers rarely attack people, these animals can damage your lawn by borrowing through the ground. Indoor pests, like German cockroaches and bed bugs, can jeopardize the health of your family.

Termite Control

While this area has its fair share of pests, none cause more structural damage than termites. If you fail to recognize the early signs of a termite infestation, you could be facing a significant amount of damage to your home or building. Fortunately, we offer termite treatment Mission Viejo. Our team of licensed technicians can provide a wide range of termite services, including fumigation and foam treatment. After receiving termite treatment Mission Viejo, customers greatly appreciate the extra peace of mind. Remember, professional wood repair services are available as well.

Rodent Control

For good reason, many people hate the thought of living with rodents. The bad news is that rodents have a knack for getting inside of dwellings. Even a tiny hole will enable mice and rats to crawl inside. Once rodents find a reliable source of food and shelter, they’ll be especially hard to get rid of. Not only do rodents create unsanitary conditions, but these creatures can use their sharp teeth to damage property. Rodent Elimination is of the utmost importance. We will make sure these pests no longer cause you trouble. Eliminating open entryways is critical. After performing a rodent removal service, our technicians can seal your home using mortar or metal flashing.

Other Services

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Where can I find pest control near me? When facing pests issues, Los Angelas and Orange County communities can always trust Pacific Pest Control to provide an effective solution. We’ll send an experienced pest exterminator Mission Viejo to solve your specific problem. Call us for a free estimate on service.