A few miles from Los Angeles International Airport, Inglewood is a sunny, picture-perfect community. Given our mild climate, Inglewood and the surrounding cities are magnets for pests. And many visitors who land at the airport unwittingly bring more pests.

For instance, termite control is vital in Southern California. Multiple termite species make their home here, especially drywood termites. They cause many people to seek termite inspections and termite wood damage repair.

L.A. has become the city with the second-most rat infestations in the U.S. Only Chicago has more. A rat exterminator is a popular person in this region.As soon as you suspect an infestation, you should call for professional pest control Inglewood. After all, some pests can quickly cause structural damage and spread disease.

When you search online for “an exterminator near me,” know that Pacific Pest Control is among the best for pest control Inglewood. Craig and Cindy Broadhead founded the business in 2008, from a home office to a multi-locational incorporation that it is today.

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Pest Control

We employ a team of experienced and friendly experts. Our sophisticated techniques — including power spraying and organic dust injections — are safe and affordable.

We can also create physical and chemical barriers around your property to keep additional pests from coming in.

Commercial Pest Control

However large your store, warehouse, or other facility is, we can supply bird control, termite inspections, termite wood damage repair, and other services.

With commercial assignments, we use special methods and equipment, all of which are extremely potent. Even so, we can be discreet so as not to alarm your customers.

Disinfecting & Sanitizing Services

We’re licensed to disinfect homes and businesses; few California companies hold such a license. With products such as Nisus DSV, we disinfect — and not just sanitize — every hard surface inside a building.

In the end, we kill every virus and harmful microbe. This process is a powerful weapon against diseases like SARS and COVID-19.

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Rodent Control

Our rodent control involves much more than gopher trapping or sending a rat exterminator to your place. It’s exceedingly thorough.

First, we’ll treat all of your rodent entry points. Then we’ll set up targeted bait stations.

We’ll also make your roof, attic, and foundation rodent-proof with special materials like mortar. In addition, we’ll eliminate any sources of rodent food and water.

In short, if you live or work in L.A. County or Orange County, we can handle all your termite control, bird control, and other pest-related needs. Whenever you realize “I need an exterminator near me,” you can call us for a free quote.