Long Beach, CA

Located right along the Pacific Ocean, Long Beach is a dream place to live for many people. Residents love the city’s beautiful atmosphere. Because of Long Beach’s gorgeous year-round weather, there’s always something fun to do.

However, certain pests are drawn to the area’s mild climate. Have you been asking, “Is there an exterminator near me?” You’ll be happy to learn that Pacific Pest Control takes pride in serving Long Beach homes and businesses. We’ve long remained one of the region’s best control companies.

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Every family deserves to relax in a pest-free home. Be sure to have your home treated by a pest control Long Beach professional. Creepy crawlers are always looking to take refuge inside your residence. Roaches are some of the worst household pests.

Not only are roaches known for contaminating food, but they can also trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Pest control Long Beach experts stress the importance of eliminating bedbugs from your home. While you’re asleep at night, these blood-sucking insects will quietly attack.

You should also schedule a free inspection for termites. Termite damage can take a serious toll on your home. Termite wood repair is the next step. After getting termite wood repair, the structural integrity of your home will be restored. All of the previous termite damage will be completely eliminated.

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Commercial Pest Control

With Long Beach being a popular tourist destination, local businesses have an opportunity to be extremely successful. However, commercial property owners can’t afford to not invest in professional pest control. Even a small bug problem can result in financial loss.

You also have to watch out for troublesome wildlife, like gophers. Gopher trapping is a humane way to prevent your landscaping from being destroyed. Long Beach hotels, restaurants, retail stores, office buildings, and daycares all must stay protected against pests.

Disinfectant Services

At this time, it’s now more important than ever to prevent the spread of harmful viruses. Our disinfecting services will make sure your business remains sanitized. The products we use will disinfect against Covid-19, SARS, and other harmful viruses. The extra peace of mind is well worth it. From walls to keyboards, our disinfecting services cover everything.

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Rodent Control

Rodents have a knack from invading homes and buildings. Because it only takes a short time for mice and rats to wreak havoc, never wait to seek professional rodent control. Aside from damaging property, rodents create extremely unsanitary living conditions.

No longer will you need to ask, “Is an exterminator near me?” Pacific Pest Control remains one of best control companies in town. From bedbug treatments to gopher trapping, we offer a long list of important services. Call us Today for a free inspection.