Our growing city of Santa Clarita, California is now home to more than 225,000 residents. Our family-oriented community is full of parks and trails to explore. The more residents we get the higher risk of an unwanted pest infestation. 

 At Pacific Pest Control, we keep out unwanted critters no matter how small. We offer germ to large rodent services to ensure our community can continue thriving. From the front door of your business or home, we are here for you to keep the pests away. 

Residential Pest ControlĀ 

Pests are unwanted critters living in the attics and walls of your home. While the noises can keep you up at night, there is a hidden health risk they carry with them. The impact they can make on the structure of your home can quickly become costly, and the trail of bacteria and disease chaos they leave behind can have health impacts.   

Every pest  infestation is different, we offer reliable pest control services tailored to your home or business. Our Santa Clarita team specializes in all areas of Pest Treatments and offers a one time visit and a year-round service to ensure pests stay controlled and away.    

Commercial Pest Control 

Business reputation is one of the many keys to success. If pests are discovered within your business, they can rapidly reproduce. Not only the reputation of your business is at risk but the safety of your employees and customers are at risk also.   

Pacific Pest Control understands that pest problems do not get better over time. We will ensure that your business meets health code regulations and requirements. Our Santa Clarita commercial pest control team is ready to safely create a more sanitary experience for your employees and paying customers.   

Rodent Control

Chewing through everything in their path, rodents pose a threat to your wires and walls. If not addressed quickly rodents reproduce and cause major property damage. Seeing rat droppings, or hearing noises in the wall most likely means there is more than one. Entering through pipes, foundation cracks, and holes in the wall, rodents can be difficult to get out and keep out.      

We offer rodent trapping and removal services, eliminating their food, water, and shelter. We will first eliminate the rodents in your home. Next, our Santa Clarita team will rodent-proof all entry points, ensuring they will not return. We will next safely clean the droppings of the rodents, then disinfect all infested areas.   

Termite Control & Damage Repair

Termites, while small are mighty and can cause costly damage at a rapid pace. Mostly found in dark tight spaces, termites can be hard to spot. Small drill-like holes in the wood and tiny build-ups of dust can be signs of a termite infestation. Termites can cause extensive damage to wood structures and force the task of replacement. 

Our termite control experts take a serious approach to termites and the destruction they have caused. Our in-home inspection will evaluate the damage caused and enable our Santa Clarita team to safely remove the termites and offer wood repair or wood replacement, which is based on your discretion. 

Attic Cleaning & Tap Insulation

Attics are one of the most common homes for shelter seeking pests. Attic Cleaning & TAP insulation ensures that if you have an infestation, you can gauge its severity. If an infestation has found a home in your attic, bacteria attached to insulation can pose air quality risks and disease. Repairing rodent entry points can quickly become ignored, allowing them to re-enter once you have left.     

Our Santa Clarita team will safely remove insulation and secure all entry points in your attic. We offer a disinfection process to ensure all bacteria from the infestation is removed. Removed insulation will be replaced with T.A.P insulation, which is an all in one insulation that prevents rodents from creating a new home.    

Disinfecting Services 

Our disinfecting services disinfect SARS, COVID-19, and other harmful viruses. We are one of the few licensed companies in California to offer disinfecting against COVID-19. Our Santa Clarita Pest Control team can disinfect at a 100% virus elimination rate, ensuring a safe environment.  

Hire a Local Santa Clarita Pest Control Company

At Pacific Pest Control, we want your home to be as clean as ours is. Our Santa Clarita Pest Control team can make your infestation process more convenient by offering a full-circle service to fit your infestation specifically. We are your one stop shop for pest control.  

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