On April 1, 2021, Pacific Pest Control became Pro Pacific Pest Control. Over the next couple of months you’ll notice a few changes – like the name of the company. But there are also plenty of things that won’t change and that you can count on.

Here’s what we promise you:

  • Your pricing WILL NOT change.
  • Your satisfaction is still our top priority, so your service will be just as good – maybe even better.
  • You’ll still be partnering with a local, family-operated company.
  • You’ll enjoy partnering with Pro Pacific Pest Control.

Here’s who we’ll continue to be:

  • A nearly 25-year-old company – which means we’ve been keeping customers happy for just as long.
  • Innovative – so we can continually provide better solutions to our customers.
  • One of the top-100 pest control companies in the US – so you know you’re partnering with a quality company.
  • QualityPro certified – which means you’ll receive high-quality service.

Though I just mentioned above how some things won’t change, there are a few that will. Over the next two months we’ll be sending you updates about certain things that do need to change – like, for example, your customer portal access for making payments, scheduling services, adding services and reviewing your service history. But until you hear otherwise, you can continue using your regular credentials to log in, just as you always have.

If you have questions, concerns or just want to introduce yourself, we’re easy to get in touch with. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team can be reached at 949-420-0851 or welcomepacific@propacificpestcontrol.com

Lastly, thank you for your business. We’re committed to protecting your family and home and providing the best outcome for everyone involved. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Thank you,
Shane Hoy
President, Pro Pacific Pest Control 

“Over the past 13 years you have all been like family to me – my devoted customers and dedicated employees. Thank you for asking us to keep your family, home and business protected. And even though there is a new name on the side of our trucks and maybe a new smile greeting you from a safe distance, you will continue receiving effective, exceptional service from a local, family-oriented company. Pro Pacific Pest Control is the only company I trusted to continue providing your service.”

Craig Broadhead
Founder, Pacific Pest Control