Culver City is one of the hottest spots for movie making and is filled with history that has set the tone for the film industry to become what it has today. Among these busy streets, pests roam around searching for the next target which very well may be your home or business.

Pacific Pest Control has been protecting Culver City for over a decade by providing industry-leading pest control services. Pests can cause damages to homes, spread disease, and be an overall nuisance. 

Pest Control 

Pests can enter a home through a variety of different ways like slipping through unsealed gaps and pipes or just simply flying or crawling through an open window. Once inside your home pests can begin to infest and cause damages or spread diseases. 

Stop pest activity before it happens with elite pest control services by Pacific Pest Control. Pests belong in nature, not in your home, protect your home and eliminate ever having to worry about them becoming a problem.  

Pests we service

Commercial Pest Control

Owning a commercial property comes with a lot of responsibility like ensuring the property is safe and up to date with its health standards. Pest are inevitably going to try and take up real estate on your commercial property, which means it’s best to be proactive instead of reactive. 

Pacific Pest Control has been providing commercial pest control for properties in Culver City for many years. Our monitoring tools and techniques allow us to stay on top of your pest activity before they become problems and interfere with your business.

Rodent Control 

Just like insects, rodents are notorious for causing damage and spreading diseases to humans on a much larger scale. Getting control of rodent activity as soon as it appears is essential because once they get in, problems are surely to follow. 

Chewing wires, tearing up insulation, and leaving droppings and urine everywhere are only some of the issues rodents cause. Pacific Pest Control protects homes and businesses from rodents through various proven methods. 

Trapping and Removal

Trapping is by far one of the oldest, yet most effective, ways to control a rodent population. Our technicians are trained to strategically place traps around heavily trafficked areas to gain control fast. Once trapped we will remove the rodents from the property and continue trapping till they’re completely gone. 


Stopping rodents from coming onto the property is next to impossible, but once on the property we can use baits to control them before they enter the building.  Our baits are placed around the property in areas where rodents are most likely to travel in secure bait boxes that only they can access. 

Termite Control and Damage Repair 

The last thing any business owner or homeowner wants is to have to deal with termites, and unfortunately in Culver City, termites are a part of everyday life. Termites travel underground which means that termites will be more likely to pop up in places that are never really seen by the naked eye. 

Having a professional termite control service by Pacific Pest Control ensures that termites are completely eradicated and don’t ever come back. 

Termite Control 

Successful termite control requires having top of the line termite control products and the exact know-how to handle the infestation. Our certified technician will first do a thorough termite inspection around your home to identify all of the exact activity and then create a custom-tailored plan to control the termites. 

Termite Damage Repair 

We don’t stop after the termites have been eradicated, we’ll help you repair damages termites have caused. Finding a separate contractor to tackle the repairs can be a pain and why shop around if Pacific Pest Control can be the one-stop shop you need! 

Attic Cleaning and TAP Insulation

Having your attic professionally cleaned after a rodent infestation has been resolved is a must. Rodents leave behind trash from their nests and their urine and droppings everywhere. Pacific Pest will disinfect your attic and refill it with TAP insulation after it’s been properly disinfected. 

Attic Cleaning 

Our attic cleaning process can be done in just a few simple steps. First we will clean out all the old insulation and vacuum up the whole attic with HEPA filters. Then we will thoroughly disinfect the whole attic area stopping diseases in their track and perform exclusion work to keep other critters from ever getting in. 

TAP Insulation 

Thermal Acoustical Pest control, or TAP insulation, is designed to keep other pests out of your attic and stop from getting to the rest of the home. This insulation is covered in boric acid and also comes with the added benefit of saving you on your power bill with its superior energy-saving capabilities.  

Disinfecting Services 

The past few years new viruses and disease outbreaks have become more and more common. Pacific Pest Control is proud to offer disinfecting services to Culver City residents and businesses who want to maintain top health standards. Our disinfectant product is called Nisus DSV and it is capable of ridding the following pathogens: 

  • Human Coronavirus 
  • Hantavirus 
  • Hepatitis B (HBV) 
  • Hepatitis C (HCV Herpes Simplex) 
  • Type-1 Virus (ATCC VR2600
  • HIV-1 (AIDS Virus) 
  • Influenza A/Brazil Virus 
  • Influenza A H1N1 Virus (Strain A/PR/8/34 and ATCC VR-1469)

 We can disinfect a multitude of different buildings such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilities 
  • Schools 
  • Government facilities 
  • And more! 

Contact Pacific Pest Control 

Right now is the best time to find a Culver City pest control company because trying to maintain pest control yourself is a hefty role to take on. Pacific Pest Control comes with the knowledge and experience that provides lasting results, so you can focus on enjoying the great city of Culver City. 

Contact Pacific Pest Control today to receive a free consultation by one of our certified representatives. Pests activity is not something that will take care of itself, when untreated, pests will continue to build and grow when left to their own devices. Break the cycles and kick out any unwanted residents, let Pacific Pest Control handle all of your pest control needs and protect your home or business. 

They showed up on time, Gave my sellers a detailed report and estimate. Although we did not end up using them, they were very professional and very responsive.
Parisa Houshangi
Parisa Houshangi
03:48 12 Feb 21
Excellent service, very accommodating with re-scheduling. Their service eliminated my rodent issues and their quarterly spider/flea service has kept my pets safe.
Lisa O.
Lisa O.
17:31 28 Jan 21
Julio provides excellent pest control service. He calls in advance of the service day and is very responsive to our requests. He is timely, thorough, professional and friendly.
Faye Calimag
Faye Calimag
17:16 24 Jan 21
I use Andy for all my termite inspections. As one of the top Realtors in OC is very important to have an honest inspector and great termite company to back you up. They always got my back and get the job done ✅Thank you guys
Reza Shirangi
Reza Shirangi
16:06 22 Jan 21
Professional, knowledgeable, friendly. The technician was very accommodating for us to start inside, on the opposite side of the house. He made sure we knew when to put our items back in the closets. Also recommended when to have additional interior services repeated, to keep the house free of pestsDefinitely I would recommend this company
Kathy Marano
Kathy Marano
16:10 21 Jan 21
Frank Chang
Frank Chang
17:34 19 Jan 21
Haideh Gonili
Haideh Gonili
17:00 19 Jan 21