Manhattan Beach Pest & Rodent Control

The coastal city of Manhattan Beach offers plenty of attractions for residents. There is, of course, the beach, as well as the world-class dining and shopping opportunities in the downtown area. Outdoorsy types can bike down the 22-mile path called the Strand, which runs through the city and the rest of the LA coastline. The warm climate, though, makes the whole area attractive to pests. It’s not unusual for residents to deal with ant or termite damage.

This is where Pacific Pest Control can come in. Established in 2008 and still going strong, we can be your local pest control provider. We have a rat exterminator, termite treatment provider, and other professionals on staff. By hiring us, you can prevent those issues that normally arise from an infestation, such as property damage and the spread of bacteria.

Pest Control Manhattan Beach

We’re proud to serve both home and business owners. For pests in general, you can request our three-barrier protection plan for great results year-round. This we can combine with the use of organic dust and low-odor liquid pesticides. For some pests, such as cockroaches, we can bring out the tried-and-true glue boards or a flushing agent for more thorough results. You can rely on us for a specialty bedbug or termite treatment.

Termite Inspection & Treatment

Termites deserve their own section simply because of how destructive they are; both drywood and subterranean termite damage can eventually compromise your property’s structural integrity. Let us come over for a termite inspection and determine the right treatment. We could kill off the subterranean kind with termiticides like Bora-Care® or Termidor® and drywood termites via fumigation. Lastly, our technicians are experts in termite damage wood repair restoring your homes structure to new condition.

Covid 19 Disinfectant Services

Pests are not the only enemy to your health and the health of your family or employees and customers. Now we’re dealing, of course, with SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind our Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, there’s an EPA-registered disinfectant for it called Nisus DSV, and we’ve been licensed and trained to apply to hard surfaces like tables, railings, and door handles. Let us be your source for Covid-19 disinfection service, then. We work with:

• Local businesses
• Schools and government buildings
• Warehouses and manufacturing facilities
• Banks, restaurants, and dealerships

Rodent Control Manhattan Beach, CA

We can send a rat exterminator to your home or business to get rid of these noisome pests. Rats can eat away at wood and electrical wiring and spread disease through their urine and droppings. Have us lay down bait stations, trap the rats, and rodent-proof the property.

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Serving the Orange County and Los Angeles County area, Pacific Pest Control is ready to schedule your termite inspection, Covid-19 disinfection service, or other service at a convenient time. Contact our office today to Schedule a Free Inspection.