Yorba Linda offers plenty for those with an active lifestyle. There are hiking, biking, and equestrian trails, to start off with, and numerous historical attractions. The city also happens to be a suburb of Los Angeles, about a 40-minute drive away. Take a 30-minute drive west, and you’ll be at beautiful Newport Beach. Still, life is not always a paradise here as residents may have to deal now and then with a pest infestation.

It’s not uncommon for both home and business owners to request termite treatments, for example, after seeing damage to their foundations or eaves. Ants and rodents can cause much damage, too, while cockroaches and wasps pose a health hazard. Fortunately, there’s a provider of pest control Yorba Linda residents tend to trust, and that’s Pacific Pest Control. With over 20 years of experience, we can handle small and large infestations.

The Best Pest Control

For homeowners, we offer a three-barrier protection plan. As part of our plan, we can inject organic dust into the walls, perhaps use a liquid pesticide along the baseboards in the case of there being active pests, and power-spray a pesticide barrier along the exterior of the home. Business owners can request particular services like drain treatments to kill flies, flush-out treatments for cockroaches, and whole-room heat treatments for bedbugs. Our work can be a one-time deal or ongoing, depending on the level of the infestation.

Termite Control in Yorba Linda

Once you spot mud tubes and shed wings, which point to subterranean termites, or piles of frass, which indicate drywood termites, have us over for a thorough termite inspection. Our termite treatments can be divided into localized fumigation, which eliminates the drywood kind, and foam treatments for the subterranean type. We use Bora-Care® and Termidor®, two high-quality termiticides that we back up with a two-year warranty. Termite wood damage repairs are no problem for us.

Covid-19 Disinfectant Services

We’re especially proud of our commercial disinfectant service, especially manufacturing warehouse disinfectant service. We have a Qualified Applicator License to apply Nisus DSV™, an EPA-registered product for treating SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19. Of course, we can target other pathogens like hepatitis B and C and hantavirus. Our technicians can easily handle:

• Manufacturing warehouse disinfectant service
• Service for local businesses
• School and government building disinfecting
• Bank, restaurant, and dealership disinfecting

Rodent Control

Rodents can enter through the smallest cracks and openings, nest in warm places, and eat through wood and wiring. You can trust us for prompt, professional rodent control whereby we set down bait stations, rodent-proof your property, disinfect the infested areas, and more.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Pacific Pest Control is ready to schedule you for your ant, bedbug, or termite inspection and provide a free quote for services. We’re the experts in pest control Yorba Linda residents rely on. Call us for more details.