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Sand Fleas- How To Rid Your Home

Are you having problems with a pest infestation? Are they making your house less enjoyable to be in? The good news is that there is help available to you. This article will help you eliminate all of these pesky little critters permanently.

Pest Control

Check your local building authority and ordinances for available options for pest control. Using banned chemicals can be a mistake that hurts you when you go to sell you home. It should motivate you to find out the right pest control methods.

If you are considering buying a home, make sure that you have a professional inspect it first. You might be able to spot some signs of pest damage, but it is hard to recognize which type of pest you are dealing with until you actually spot some bugs or rodents into the home.

Try using pesticides around the foundation of your home. Apply it to the steps, foundation and around windows and doors. Keep your eyes open for cracks around the exterior of the home. Use caulk or some other filling product to seal these areas.

If you want to know for sure that termites are infesting your home, get a trained dog to sniff them out, not just a human. Humans can verify that only a portion of your house is termite free. Well-trained dogs can inspect the entire house. They will notice methane gas, which can come from termites consuming the wood in your home.

Make sure that your thoroughly inspect your home for standing water that might not be obvious. Many pests, including mosquitoes, are attracted to stagnant water. Search for leaky pipes and make sure your plants’ trays are clean. If you eliminate water sources, you will eliminate a lot of pests.

Mint Leaves

Mint will repel mice and other pest as well. Plant mint all around the perimeter of your house. This will keep mice from wanting to live there. When you sprinkle mint leaves in various areas of your home, it will keep mice away. While this will usually do, make sure the mint leaves are fresh.

Utilize plastic containers for storing dry goods. You should take them out of the bag or box and put them in a plastic container. Store your dry goods in tightly sealed containers as soon as you get home from the store. You will keep your food fresher for a longer period of time and thwart pests with this method.

Store all edible items properly. Glass containers and plastic containers are great if they have lids to be sealed with. Paper bags and cardboard boxes are to be avoided, as pests can easily chomp their way through these types of containers.

When you’ve got flying bugs inside, try using hairspray. You may also use perfume, but avoid eye contact. Both of these things are flammable, so keep away from an open flame when you use them. If you lack bug spray, give this a try.

Do you have a termite problem? If so, then be sure you are using a solid termiticide. There are termiticides that repel termites and ones that kill them. Each of these products works by applying them around areas of your home’s edge and its foundation You may need as to use as much as 100 gallons of termiticide to see results.

If you have pets in your home, keep tabs on any professional level baits for mice. Your pets should not have access to any areas where these stations have been placed. Mouse poison is also poisonous to dogs to a degree such that it might kill them.

Clearly, it is indeed possible to get rid of pests forever. Soon, your home will be clean, pest-free and you will not have to worry anymore about choosing the right pesticide. Use the advice you’ve read to get control of your house back. You don’t have to be forced to live with pests ever again.

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