Rats are smart.. But we are smarter

We are your one stop shop to ensure your home is rodent-free by repairing rodent damage back to its original fixed condition.
Do you ever hear that annoying scratching noise in your attic or walls while you’re trying to sleep? Have you even set traps and does it seem the rats keep coming back? This is because rats are smart.

The key to eliminating rats comes in three steps. Rodent proof entire home, trap rats, clean up droppings and odors. Most companies will send a technician to seal all visible and accessible entry points with a can of foam, then set traps and with a three-month warranty. Our process is much different. We will crawl and rodent proof your entire attic, base of your home and roof line with construction material like mortar and metal flashing. The only way we can eliminate your rodents is by cutting off their food, water and shelter and it can only be accomplished if we do the entire job.

If you have been waiting to get rid of your rodents because you are still undecided, just please know that we can rid your home of rodents in almost any financial situation. We can make something work for you.

Pictures of work done to properly seal home:

If we cannot get to accessible rodent entry points, then we will need to repair your home. For example, if your roof is Spanish tile and rats are getting under the tiles and into your walls. Then we will need to remove a layer of roof tile and repair your wall. Once we have sealed all entry points from the base of your home to the top of your chimney, then if there are any rodents still inside your home, then they will get very hungry and have to eat off the traps. We will return weekly until your rats are gone for good.

Here is how rats were accessing under home along the sewer line. We needed to fill this gap with cement so rats could not come back.

Here is how rats were chewing a hole into the attic. We needed to screen the exposed section of attic with galvanized mesh to rodent proof this home.

– Roof rats travel about 30 yards from where they nest
– Have litters of 5-10 pups and as many as 10 litters per year
– Teeth are always growing and have to gnaw to file teeth down
– Very intelligent and cautious when around new nesting area
– Can jump two feet vertically and four feet horizontally
– They can climb 90 degree angles up brick, stucco walls or any textured surface.
– Thrive in cooler months and most active once in doors where it is safe and dry.

Ways Roof Rats Enter Homes:
– They enter homes, sheds, garages and other structures through any opening larger than a nickel, looking for places safe from predators and good for nesting.
– They may follow pipes down from the attic, gnaw through drywall, burrow tunnels into dirt crawl space, squeeze through gaps in siding of home.
– They may chew through wood, plastic, aluminum siding, sheet rock, and soft metals to gain access to interiors.
– Attics provide a safe refuge, a nesting place for their young and routes into the home below.


Many people get their attic cleaned without repairing rodent entry points. But what happens if you get your attic cleaned and rodents get back in your attic? This can be a major headache. Our plan is to thoroughly inspect all accessible and inaccessible rodent points of entry. This way your attic will stay clean.
According to the Centers for Disease Control, worldwide, rats and mice spread over 35 diseases. These diseases can be spread to humans directly, through handling of rodents, through contact with rodent feces, urine, or saliva, or through rodent bites. Diseases carried by rodents can also be spread to humans indirectly, through ticks, mites or fleas that have fed on an infected rodent. Inhaling dust from dried rodent urine, feces and nesting material can also result in illness.

In California, the most common diseases caused by rodents are Typhoid, Rat Bite Fever, Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, Salmonellosis, Hantavirus, and Rabies. If you think you have come into contact with rodents and are having symptoms contact your health care professional immediately.


Attic Cleaning Before


This process involves:
1) Bagging up all infested insulation.
2) Vacuuming droppings and debris with hepa filter.
3) Seal all rodent and animal entry points with wire mesh with 100% visibility.
4) Wipe down rub marks and all bacteria with sanitizer.
5) Apply an odor encapsulation enzyme to remove all smells.
during atiic cleaning

AFTER – Install TAP Insulation


This green insulation for new and existing homes & buildings made from recycled paper that incorporates a borate-based pest control into the product. Unlike traditional insulations that use rolls of fiberglass, T.A.P layers onto surfaces like paint. The smallest cracks and crevices will be seal to reduce energy loss and keeps pest from entering your structure. While the borates toxicity levels are too low to harm people or pets, the levels are lethal to insects such as mites, silverfish, spiders, ants, and termites. T-A-P insulation offers energy star efficiency by having superior thermal and sound-deadening properties and a unique method of pest control. The features and benefits outweigh the cost of this revolutionary product.

Benefits by using T-A-P Insulation are:
– Rebates- If your current insulation does not meet the new standard r value rating of 30, Sempra Energy will pay you 15 cents per square foot to bring it to R30 Value . What a deal!- Prevent Pests- Any and all pests that contact this natural borate powder are toast.
– Reduce energy loss- Cracks and crevices are efficiently sealed since tap is much denser than other insulation. It is 32% more energy efficient than traditional insulation.
– Long lifespan- Tap insulation will last 30-50 years with only a 1/2 shrinkage during its life span.
– Noise reduction- The acoustical in tap can reflect external waves from entering your home because of the dense components within this insulation.
– Fire retardant- The properties in this insulation will not catch fire and limit the spread of the flames.

Rodent Repair

Many homes in Southern California were not built to prevent rodents to get inside. Plus rats or mice can get inside the home and cause costly damages to your electrical, insulation, and even structural problems can happen. If you have been battling rats for years and it seems like they keep returning, then you need your home  inspected by us. After our inspection, we will give you full disclosure of whats going on with pictures and details to fix your home. Most importantly, we will get rid of your rats with our:
Lifetime Rodent Warranty
– If combined with our maintenance service

We crawl your whole attic, walk around your home and inspect your roof for any and all rodent entry points. This is why we give a great warranty. We are covering you and also ourselves to get rid your rodents.

Pictures of Rodent Repair Projects Below:

The alcove on this roof had major openings that we needed to repair with mortar to block a major entrance into this attic.

This motor home we worked on was raised off the ground. We needed to repair this home by digging a trench with cement and mesh to keep the rats from getting back in.

The roof on this home had an exposed wall void. The rats were then traveling through the walls. We had to pull back the roof tile and repair the exposed wall void with construction material.

Bait Stations: 
Rats and mice love to eat. Bait stations are great monitoring tools outside your home to see where you have activity. Plus they are extremely effective by keeping rodents away from your home and the population killed down.

Burrowing Rodents Mounds:
We will use various methods with either Phosphide Gas or Strychnine Bait. We will begin by putting this product in the plug of the mound where it is accessible through the tunnel system. The gas will exterminate your burrowing rodents via inhalation and the bait will treat by ingestion.

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