Fullerton California

As the birthplace of the Fender guitar and Hawaiian Punch, Fullerton is a city where great ideas flourish. Thanks to a booming economy and a slew of world-class educational institutions, Fullerton is one of the most attractive communities in California. Unfortunately, local climate conditions allow pests like termites and cockroaches to thrive.

Left unchecked, creepy critters like carpenter ants, rats and wasps can cause a ton of damage to Fullerton homes and businesses. What’s more, they degrade quality of life for occupants of all ages. Fortunately for Fullerton denizens, Pacific Pest Control can wipe out all manner of insects and wildlife in short order.

Pest Control Fullerton, CA

Whether you’re afflicted by spiders, crickets or bedbugs, Pacific Pest Control stops pest proliferation using a defense-in-depth strategy. We spray property lines, home exteriors and interior spaces behind walls to ensure that pests have nowhere to hide. Our bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly and annual plans save homeowners money and time on pest remediation.

The kind of pest control Fullerton business owners need on short notice is Pacific’s bread and butter. We protect hotels, office buildings and warehouses from all manner of flies, rodents and mammalian pests every day of the week. Our specialty pest treatments are tailored to the needs of any given commercial space in question.

Termite Inspections and Damage Control

Termites can turn a fantastic property into a costly rehabilitation project if they aren’t dealt with quickly. At Pacific Pest Control, we use high-quality Boracare and Termidor products to keep termites from wreaking havoc. We deliver the kind of pest control in Fullerton that locals expect when termites rear their ugly heads.

Disinfectant Services

In the era of COVID-19, sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces is more important than ever. A local exterminator that offers disinfectant services Fullerton locals can rely on is a critical concern for schools, government buildings and manufacturing facilities. Pacific Pest can kill 100% of the viruses found in any structure of any kind.

Rodent Control

One of the worst pest problems any home or business owner can confront is a rodent infestation. These little buggers chew electrical wires and eat through insulation like no other. Pacific Pest uses the latest trapping and removal tactics to keep rodents at bay. For rodent control Fullerton locals can trust, a local exterminator like Pacific is the way to go.

Stop Pests in Their Tracks With Pacific Pest Control!

For the finest termite inspections and rodent control Fullerton has to offer, Pacific Pest is your best bet. If you seek pest control and disinfectant services Fullerton residents can always bank on, we never fail to deliver. Give us a Call today for a free quote on superior pest control in Orange County!