Residents of Malibu, California, enjoy scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and a mild climate. Situated approximately 30 miles west of Los Angeles, Malibu is famous for its beaches. Although residents enjoy the local ecosystem, it also includes wildlife, insects and other critters that become pests when they move into the living space. Rodents, cockroaches, gophers, birds and termites are a few common pests that can cause problems when they move indoors.

If you have a pest problem, Pacific Pest Control can help. We have served residents and businesses of Los Angeles and Orange counties for more than 20 years. We offer rodent control, termite treatment and other pest control services to rid your home or business of pests. In addition, we are licensed to provide disinfecting service against SARS-CoV-2.

Pest Control Malibu

We offer a full suite of residential pest control services. If termites are a problem, you may ask, “How can I find trustworthy termite treatment near me?” Pacific Pest Control treats termites and other wood-boring insects that harm your home. If rodents are a problem, we look for nesting places and sources of food and water. We devise a customized treatment plan to remove the pests and control infestations. We treat from top to bottom, including attics, behind walls, floorboards and the building exterior, to prevent entry. We offer one-time, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly treatments to ensure that your home stays pest-free.

Rodent control is essential for businesses as well. The appearance, condition and safety of your establishment must be maintained for customers and employees. Pests can destroy stock, eat wiring and create a health hazard. We evaluate the needs of your business, identify the pests present and use effective treatments to eradicate pests.

We treat for all types of pests, including:

  • wasps
  • bedbugs
  • flies
  • rodents
  • birds
  • wildlife
  • roaches
  • snakes
  • termites
  • and other insects.

Termite Control Malibu

If you think you have termites, act immediately. Termites can cause extensive damage before you see signs that they are present. Our free termite inspection Malibu determines if termites are present and assesses the extent of damage. Our treatment uses products that are environmentally and pet friendly. We treat inside and outside the building.

We also offer termite damage repair services. We repair wood in subflooring, furniture and the building shell that has been damaged by termites and dry rot. If you are looking for a termite treatment near me, call Pacific Pest Control for a free termite inspection Malibu.

Disinfectant Services

If you need disinfectant services, you want a licensed company with trained technicians. We are licensed in California to disinfect for SARS viruses and other harmful pathogens. Our services include homes, businesses, schools, warehouses, restaurants, banks, government buildings and other public facilities.

We use products registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. We provide both indoor and outdoor disinfecting service.

Rodent Control Malibu, CA

Mice, rats, squirrels and other rodents carry diseases and can cause extensive damage. Our rodent control services use techniques and products that minimize harm to building occupants, including sealing points of entry from the roof to the foundation and removing sources of food and water. We use traps and baits as necessary as part of the treatment plan. We return each week until the pests are gone. We also disinfect to remove bacteria and viruses carried by pests.

Pacific Pest Control solves pest problems for homes and businesses in Malibu and nearby communities. We are licensed and provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Call today for a free estimate for effective pest control Malibu.

They showed up on time, Gave my sellers a detailed report and estimate. Although we did not end up using them, they were very professional and very responsive.
Parisa Houshangi
Parisa Houshangi
03:48 12 Feb 21
Excellent service, very accommodating with re-scheduling. Their service eliminated my rodent issues and their quarterly spider/flea service has kept my pets safe.
Lisa O.
Lisa O.
17:31 28 Jan 21
Julio provides excellent pest control service. He calls in advance of the service day and is very responsive to our requests. He is timely, thorough, professional and friendly.
Faye Calimag
Faye Calimag
17:16 24 Jan 21
I use Andy for all my termite inspections. As one of the top Realtors in OC is very important to have an honest inspector and great termite company to back you up. They always got my back and get the job done ✅Thank you guys
Reza Shirangi
Reza Shirangi
16:06 22 Jan 21
Professional, knowledgeable, friendly. The technician was very accommodating for us to start inside, on the opposite side of the house. He made sure we knew when to put our items back in the closets. Also recommended when to have additional interior services repeated, to keep the house free of pestsDefinitely I would recommend this company
Kathy Marano
Kathy Marano
16:10 21 Jan 21
Frank Chang
Frank Chang
17:34 19 Jan 21
Haideh Gonili
Haideh Gonili
17:00 19 Jan 21