Growing from a semi-rural farming community to a burgeoning suburban area, Costa Mesa is a scenic addition to the beloved Orange County, California. Home to a variety of beaches and coastal landmarks, Costa Mesa is steeped in Mother Earth’s natural wonders. Unfortunately, the city’s close proximity to bodies of water makes it susceptible to pest problems. Termites and birds, specifically, tend to wreak havoc on beach towns like Costa Mesa. Pacific Pest Control, a Pest Control Costa Mesa service, seeks to keep these issues at bay.

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Backed by 20 years of industry experience, Pacific Pest Control is a sought-after pest control service in the Orange County area. By putting a premium on accuracy and safety, we eliminate the health risks that come with pest problems. Electrical wiring, drywall, and wood damage are some pest-related complications that business owners often deal with. Moreover, pests can carry allergens into your home, which can contaminate the air and lead to allergic reactions. From businesses to homes, Pacific Pest Control aims to keep both commercial and residential clients happy and healthy. Below, you’ll find an overview of some of our specialties.

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Attic Cleaning & TAP Insulation

With our attic cleaning services, we ensure that rodents remain out of this space by repairing entry points and restricting access.

Termite Control

Using our termite inspection Costa Mesa methods, we stop the spread of termites while pinpointing the cause of the issue.

Commercial Pest Control

As a reliable Costa Mesa exterminator, our commercial pest control services eradicate everything from flies to cockroaches.

Residential Pest Control

Our residential services range from protection plans to barrier treatments. Together, these solutions prevent pest infestations.

Bird Control

To keep pigeons, sparrows, and starlings from passing through, we use Avitrol and bird netting techniques.

Termite Damage Repair

Following our termite inspection Costa Mesa service, additional wood repair may be warranted. With our restoration solutions, we’ll remedy any ongoing complications.

Rodent Elimination

Rodents are smarter than you think. Fortunately, our rodent eliminating tactics outfox these pesky pests.

Gopher Control

We remove gopher mounds and set up traps so that your property doesn’t endure damage any longer. Our Gopher Control service get to the root of the problem.

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For a Costa Mesa exterminator that you can trust, look no further than Pacific Pest Control. Between our diligence and industry know-how, we effortlessly stop pests in their tracks. Whether you reside in Orange County or Los Angeles County, our pest control services are at your disposal.

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