Palmdale California weather ranges from our hot summers to the cold winters. In the Antelope Valley, our vast landscapes have a lot to offer. From the desert scenery to the peak of the San Gabriel Mountains, the sky’s the limit for adventure and discovery. However, with an average humidity of about  65% annually, pests can thrive. 

 At Pacific Pest Control, we encourage those who want to adventure and understand that adventure can bring a lot of unwanted pest discoveries. We deliver effective pest solutions for any pests that come into your home or business.   

Palmdale Pest Control 

Pests can introduce an opportunity for allergies or even disease to walk through your door. They enter your home because just like people, pests need food, water, and shelter. Pest Control can be an intimidating process. If pests are not controlled when discovered the damage and costs can rise. 

At Pacific Pest Control we offer a one-time visit to a year-round control service, we will ensure you and your home are completely satisfied. After a thorough inspection, our Palmdale Pest Control team will construct 3 barriers of protection for your home, from behind your power outlets to the driveway.   

Commercial Pest Control 

Pests pose a real threat to not just fellow employees but customers as well. Rats and mice carry disease with them and dried rodent feces can release harmful particles into the air. Property damage can be costly if not found in time, and your business reputation could be on the line if pests are discovered.  

Pacific Pest Control has the resources to ensure safe operation for your paying customers and employees. We understand the importance of commercial pest control and our Palmdale commercial pest control team offers special treatments and can install equipment to contain and control the situation. 

Rodent Control

Rodents reproduce rapidly and the discovery of one mouse or rat can mean there are many more. Prevention can be difficult, a small hole is an opportunity for a rodent, chewing through wires and soiling drywall to create a new home in your attic or walls. Rodent infestation is identified with droppings or even a pesky noise in your wall.   

Our rodent control goal is to get the rodents out of your home and prevent them from coming back, our Palmdale team will return any rodent damage back to its original state, by sealing any entry points and safely removing the bacteria and droppings leftover from the rodents.   

Termite Control & Damage Repair

Termites can quickly cause serious damage to wooden beams and force costly fixes. From the floors to the attic your home could be at serious risk. Termites work from the inside out and can be difficult to spot. Small piles of dust or drill-like holes in the wood are some signs to watch for. 

Pacific Pest Control takes termites seriously, we begin with a detailed inspection of your home and present our findings to you. After our termite removal process, our Palmdale termite control team specializes in dry rot and termite damage repairs and are happy to remove and replace damaged areas based on your budget.  

Attic Cleaning & Tap Insulation

With our Palmdale weather and the smallest of rooftop cracks, attics can be a warm humid vacation for rodents to thrive. Wires, insulation, and even air quality are at risk if a rodent infestation occurs. Rats and mice carry diseases and it can spread through their fecal matter, urine, and blood.  

Our Palmdale Pest Control team will seal off any old entry points and vacuum up fecal matter and debris safely with a HEPA filter. We will replace any affected insulation with our T.A.P insulation. T.A.P insulation is an all in one insulation solution that prevents pests. Please contact us if any further questions about T.A.P insulation.    

Disinfecting Services 

Pacific Pest Control disinfects for SARS, COVID-19, and other harmful viruses. We are one of the few licensed companies in California to offer disinfecting against COVID-19. Our Palmdale Pest Control team can disinfect at a 100% virus elimination rate, ensuring a safe environment for you.  

Looking for a Palmdale, CA Pest Control Company?

At Pacific Pest Control, we want your home to be as clean as ours is. Our Palmdale Pest Control team can make your infestation process specialized to prevent, control, and contain current or future risks of infestation no matter the size.   

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