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Need Affordable Pest Control? Use These Techniques

Just because there are pest control experts, doesn’t mean that you can’t try to take things into your own hands. This article will give you some pointers and tips to help you do battle with household pests. Just keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

Plug holes that pests, like mice, can enter using steel wool. Steel wool is too tough for any pest to chew through, even rats and mice. Openings measuring more than 1/2 an inch need stuffing. Rodents can fit through incredibly small openings.

Do you have many brown recluse spiders in your home? Try using sticky traps. These harmful spiders spend their time in hard to reach areas that are not easily accessible for chemicals. They tend to appear at night, looking for food. You can catch them with traps strategically placed behind furnishings and along the walls.

Consider using a perimeter spray outside your home to keep bugs at bay. Spray areas around your house, like the windows and doors, steps and the foundation. When you’re spraying, look for crevices and cracks that make entry points for pests. Use caulk or the right kind of filler to seal these areas.

Clear away brush from the perimeter of your home. Various insects use this brush as their home and there is very little you can do to stop this. If the bushes are up against your home, pests will find a way to get inside.

People that are having problems with pests like bugs may have solutions handy. The staff at your nearby home improvement center are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pest control. They will be aware of the best pesticide for whichever bug is annoying you.

If trees fall in the yard, clear the debris promptly. You can make good use of the branches as well as the trunk by turning them into wood for your fireplace. Give it away or sell it if you don’t have a use for it yourself. Make sure you don’t forget about the stump. Stumps are simply dead wood pieces, and they often attract termites.

Drains are a common place in which pests can be found. Give your drains a monthly cleaning using either a drain snake or drain cleaning chemicals. Debris, among other things, can be a cause of mold and other things that pests enjoy living in.

If you have a pest problem, do your research. Create a list of items that are unpleasant and toxic to animals and learn what attracts them. The ideal method for getting rid of a pest is by using the method that works best for that particular pest.

To keep pests out of your edibles, store them properly. Use airtight plastic or glass containers to keep your food away from pests. Don’t use paper or cardboard bags because pests can easily claw or chew through them.

Get to the bottom of where a pest is getting into your home. For example, maybe your pets track them in, or perhaps your window has a small gap where spiders can crawl through. Whenever you determine the method that your insect is entering, you can figure out the solution to the problem so that the insect doesn’t come in again.

Getting rid of silverfish is rather easy. Get a newspaper wet and then leave it sitting out during the night. Silverfish tend to congregate in the damp newspaper. Many people have found this tip helpful. Have a trash bag handy, and quickly snatch up the paper and remove it from the house.

Turn to your neighbors for tips. If mice are posing a problem for you, the neighbors are likely suffering too. They might have some great tips for you to use. You can also keep neighbors up-to-date on your pest problems.

Having carpenter ants shows a big issue. They are attracted to wet wood, which means your house has a leak somewhere which can lead to wood rot. In order to find the source of the problem and figure out a solution, you’ll need to ask an expert to come in and investigate.

If rodents have you worried, take a look at the yard. Make it impossible for rodents to live in your yard. Pull the weeds around your home. Keep your grass length short, and be sure to get secure lid trash cans. These steps will force rodents to look for other accommodations.

You should now have a good understanding if handling your pest problem is a job you can do yourself. If you use the information you just read, you should be able to resolve your pest issue in a favorable manner. When they are gone, you will be happy you took the time to learn these tips.

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