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Need Affordable Pest Control? Use These Techniques

You should not live with pest in your home, regardless of your situation. If you have pests, keep reading for useful tips on fixing the issues. Every day you wait to take action is another day you have to deal with your annoying guests.

When you find holes that pests can get in through, stop it up with steel wool. This metal is too strong for their teeth. Stuff any opening that is bigger than one half inch. This sort of critter is able to get through very small holes.

Bedbugs are tough to eliminate due to their ability to hide. Close up open holes you may find prior to extermination. This way, bugs have no place to hide.

If there are rats and mice in your area, don’t make the mistake of planting fruit trees near the house. This makes an easy way for these rodents to climb up and enter your home using the attic or roof. Aim for a distance of 15 feet or more from your residence.

Outdoor Lighting

As a security measure or a way to make the most of your yard, outdoor lighting is an excellent thing. Unfortunately, it also attracts lots of night insects. If you need outdoor lighting, try to use orange, pink, or yellow tinted bulbs since they don’t attract pest as much.

For people having problems with bugs and other pests, a solution is closer than you may think. Take a trip to your home improvement center and ask the experts about suitable pest control methods. They will be able to tell you what you should do to get rid of the bugs.

Have rodents made an appearance in the house? Look around the outside of your home for any small crevices they could be crawling through. Fill these cracks with some scouring pads or place some poison in these passages. In some instances, odor repellents like mustard oil might work.

Store dry food products in plastic containers. Many dry products come in boxes and bags, which is easy access for pests. Every time you shop, transfer the dry goods into the plastic bins, and make sure that these are tightly sealed. If you use plastic containers, it is possible to keep pests out and preserve freshness.

Steel Wool

Use steel wool to plug up mouse holes in your home. The rodents will attempt to eat through it, which will kill them. Therefore, use wood putty that is mixed with a little steel wool in order to prevent rodents from coming in your home.

Mice and rats are carriers of disease and are a cause for worry in your home. Remember that they will eat almost anything. Peanut butter, cheese, even bits of meat can work in mouse traps. Even spoiled, inedible foods will work for trapping rats and mice.

Attempting to eliminate silverfish from your home? Try this out! Wet a newspaper and put it on the floor overnight. Many people have found that overnight the wet newspaper collected most of the silverfish in the area. Have a trash bag handy, and quickly snatch up the paper and remove it from the house.

Eliminate standing pools of water if you want to keep mosquitoes at bay. Standing water provides a place for mosquitoes to lay eggs and mosquito larvae to grow. Water might be lurking anywhere in your yard, including around flower pots, near your hose and right next to your house.

Tried and true methods are great in terms of taming houseflies. Sticky strips and swatters are efficient. They don’t fill the air with chemicals like foggers and sprays do. If you do decide to use a spray killer, be sure that you follow the directions closely so that you are as safe as you can be.

If you are thinking about hiring a pest control company to handle your bug problem, make sure you check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure they have a clean record. Be sure that they have proper licensing that lets them spray pesticides too. Finally, they need to be insured and bonded. Don’t just take their word for it. Inspect all documentation before allowing the exterminators to begin work.

A healthy home shouldn’t be besieged by rodents and insects. Utilize the tips you’ve read to effectively rid yourself of them. Nobody deserves living with tons of creepy crawlers when they sleep. You can get a handle on this pesky problem quickly with these tips.

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