Started in 2008

Craig Broadhead decided to start Pacific Pest Control in 2008 after working as a sales rep for a pest control business where he felt more could be done. He sold pest control service for all general insects and worked out of his garage.

Antonio Torres

Antonio Torres was hired on to help start the termite division with 17 years experience.

Michael Rivera 

Michael Rivera with 7 years rodent experience.

Edgar Cervantes  

Edgar Cervantes with 9 years termite and pest control experience.

Tyler Leetch 

Tyler Leetch with 7 years carpentry, termite experience.

Kevin Gil-Rodriguez 

Kevin Gil-Rodriguez with 5 years pest control experience.

Mario Evangelista

Mario Evangelista with 2 years of rodent experience.

Andy Wirz

Andy Wirz with 8 years of termite experience.

Chris Bennet

Chris Bennet with 5 years of Carpentry experience.