Pests might enter your home in several ways. They are sneaky creatures that use cracks in the foundations or walls to enter your home. As well as, gaps in doors or windows, exposed pipes, or even use your pets as a vehicle to enter your home. 

No matter how pests may enter your Lancaster home it is important to exterminate them immediately. They can cause damage to the structure of your home and put your families health at risk. 

Don’t let pests enter your home and burrow inside your walls. If you are in need of Lancaster Pest Control, Pacific Pest Control is here to help! Our team is highly trained to identify how pests are entering your home so they can eliminate the infestation at the source and prevent them from returning. 

Commercial Pest Control 

Homes are not  the only thing that pests infest, they are not shy of businesses either. Businesses are much more susceptible to pest infestations because they are much larger. There are so many more entry points and hiding places for pests to use. 

Pest infestations are terrible for business. Not only do they violate health codes and regulations but it also makes for an unpleasant workplace. You want your employees to feel safe at work but if there is a pest infestation that might not be the case.

If a customer sees a pest in your business, you probably won’t see that customer again. Our routine Commercial Pest Control is a great way to prevent pests from invading your business so your customers and employees are happy. 

Rodent Control 

Rodent infestations can be extremely stressful to try to get rid of on your own. Yes, bait traps work but only to an extent. Rodents multiply so quickly that if you don’t catch the initial group of rodents invading your home then your home will become a small breeding ground. 

Rodents are in search of food, water, and shelter. All of which your home offers. They can get into your home through small cracks or exposed pipes. They like to nest in hidden, dark places like walls, sheds, or garages. 

If you have been hearing scratching or scurrying in your walls or ceiling odds are you have a rodent infestation and should call a Lancaster Rodent Control company right away! 

Rodents can damage your home by chewing wires (which could cause a fire) and are known to bring diseases into your home. Don’t let your home or family suffer from a rodent infestation, let the experts at Pacific Pest Control exterminate rodents from your Lancaster home. 

Termite Control & Damage Repair 

Termites might be small pests that don’t look like they can do much damage but they can tear your house down. These annoying pests feed on the wooden structure of your home or furniture until there is nothing left. 

Termites are known to travel in small colonies in search of food (dry wood), water, and shelter. They enjoy damp, moist places. If there are leaky pipes near the foundation of your home it could attract termites. 

The leading cause of termite infestations is having a stack of firewood right up against your house. It’s like they found a golden ticket directly into your home. Termites cause millions of dollars worth of damages every year to homes, businesses, and nature.

If you have suffered from a termite infestation and your home has been damaged, Pacific Pest Control can help. Our termite control experts will exterminate every termite from your home, eliminating the infestation at the source. We also can inspect the damage termites caused to your home and repair it for you. 

Attic Cleaning & TAP Insulation 

Attics are one of the more common places for pests or rodents to enter your home. They will scale tree branches or telephone wires that hangover your roof to access your home. Attic cleaning is a great way to prevent pests. 

Attic cleaning & TAP Insulation is a great way to keep the heat in your home. TAP insulation is known to be 32% more effective than the normal insulation used in homes. It keeps the heat and central air in the house rather than seeping out. You can save hundreds of dollars on heat and central air conditioning simply by cleaning and insulating your attic. 

Disinfecting Services 

Pacific Pest Control disinfects for SARS, COVID-19, and other harmful viruses. We are one of the few licensed companies in California to offer disinfecting services against COVID-19. Our Lancaster Pest Control team can disinfect at a 100% virus elimination rate, ensuring a safe environment.  

Looking for a Lancaster, CA Pest Control Company?

If you are located in Lancaster California and are looking for pest control services, Pacific Pest Control can help. We are a reliable and local pest control company that will do our best to keep your home pest free. Don’t let your home and family suffer through a pest infestation, hire a pest control company in Lancaster, California today!