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Keep Pests At Bay With These Pest Control Ideas

Pest invasion is one of the most common nuisances homeowners face. Animals can be cool, but a lot of them shouldn’t be in your home. You can take control of your home once again. Continue reading for some helpful strategies for eliminating pests.

Use steel wool to fill up any hole that any pest is using as an entrance. Rodents such as mice and rats are known to be able to chew through almost anything, but steel wool will stop them dead in their tracks. Stuff any holes larger than 1/2 inch. Mice and rats can squeeze through some tiny openings.

Hairspray is great for eliminating bees and wasps. There are alot of different ways to kill bugs and you will get rid of new ones as well.

Attack a pest problem at its source. Pests invade a home because it contains something they need to survive. Pests probably like to come into your home because they have shelter, food and plenty of water. Look to see you do not have food scraps laying around. Plug any potential entryways. Look for sources of water leakage.

Pest Control

Know your local building codes and ordinances regarding what specific treatments are available for pest control. Spraying down a locally banned chemical can backfire if you try and sell your home later. You should always do some research on pest control methods authorized in your area and not hesitate to contact local authorities if you are not sure what to do.

Before you purchase a home, have it checked out by a reputable pest control company. There are some easy signs of infestation, but you won’t truly know what pest hide in your insulation or underneath your home until you leave it for several days.

Because bedbugs hide in secluded areas, they are tough to eradicate. Close holes before you try to exterminate them. This way, bugs have no place to hide.

Check your home for hidden standing water. Standing water attracts all kinds of pests. Make sure you have no leaky pipes and keep all standing water under control. If you eliminate water sources, you will eliminate a lot of pests.

Sealing cracks in your home is important when trying to rid your house of pests. A lot of the time these places are seen as an entrance to pests that are looking for a new place to live. They won’t be able to come in if their entrance is blocked.

It is very important to determine the entry point of pests and bugs. For instance, your window may have a tiny gap that allows spiders in or your pets may bring outdoor bugs in. Once you know how the insect is coming in, you can fix the problem and prevent it from entering again.

Exterior lights attract pests to your home. Try to keep these lights away from the entrances of your home. Or you can use orange or yellow lights. They don’t like those as much.

If you want to rid your home of silverfish, try this tip. Leave a wet newspaper on your floor or in your tub overnight. Some people have reported that when they did this, every silverfish in the home was attracted to the newspaper by morning. Make sure you quickly grab them before they scatter and transport them into a trash bag outside.

Eliminating clutter gets rid of the bugs. Most homes have a lot of catch-all areas, such as book shelves, counter tops and table tops. You can eliminate hiding places and nesting spots of pests by reducing the clutter in your home.

If a raccoon is practicing squatter’s rights in your home, use mustard oil to repel it. Just leave some oil where it usually resides and ensure that you know where it entered your home. Then make sure you put up some mesh wire so that it’s not able to get back inside.

YOu will find some great ways to get rid of pests around your home. There are more ways to control pests than just using chemicals or calling an exterminator. You will be well on the way to living a pest free life after reading this article.

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