The residents of Irvine have plenty of reasons to smile. This wonderful city is situated in sunny Orange County, and it is home to not only prestigious institutions but also the headquarters of Pacific Pest Control. We have been serving residential and commercial properties for over 10 years. Taking a break is not an option because critters are on the prowl. If they infiltrate your private home or the business that you own, there is a strong possibility that you will have to spend thousands of dollars on property damage. Pests are notorious for chewing through wiring, electrical components and structural elements.

Pest Control

To keep crawling critters from exploiting holes in your property’s foundation, our well-trained exterminators will draw on their wealth of skills and expertise. We have the equipment to perform pest-eradicating treatments not only eliminating your pest problem, but keeping them from coming back. We know all general pest control, residential pest control and commercial pest control problems are not the same so we pride ourselves in building custom treatment plans while creating no entry barriers that actually work.


Attic Cleaning and TAP Insulation

The attic is so easy to forget about, but this happens to be a prime destination for invasive rodents. Squirrels, rats and other creatures feel right at home inside the attic because it is dark and secure as well as secluded. A thorough attic clean-out and sanitation performed by our pest exterminators will go a long way toward eliminating any opportunity for an infestation to develop in this area. We take the time to remove infested insulating material, to vacuum with HEPA filters and to seal entry points with wire mesh. On top of that, we sanitize the space and get rid of odors.

After we tidy up your attic, we can make it uninhabitable for pests by simply applying TAP insulation. This material is highly toxic to insects and rodents, and it helps prevent energy loss by sealing cracks and crevices.

Termite Control

When termites strike, do not panic. We can handle them for you. This means you can relax while we put an end to your termite problem with a fumigator or foam. You can rest assured that we will deliver the results that you want to see, guaranteed!

Bird Exclusion

One pigeon is not problematic. A flock of birds, on the other hand, can be rather troublesome. We understand the threat that birds pose to your health and peace of mind. That is why we will use a variety of methods to deter them.

Other Services Offered

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Now that you know about our services, you should be convinced that we are your best source of help when it comes to pest control in Irvine. We take the fight to pests to neutralize them effectively. Call Pacific Pest Control today to get a free quote.

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