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Great Article With Plenty Of Insights About Pest Control

If you have a pest problem, you may be feeling completely overwhelmed. Many times it may seem like they are multiplying even though you are doing everything you can. If that is so, try reading this advice to see how to eliminate them.

Steel wool can be used to blockage hole that mice can crawl through to enter your house. This metal is too strong for their teeth. All openings bigger than a quarter inch need to be stuffed. These critters can squeeze through very small holes.

Make certain to put food away securely after serving. Pests are always looking for food, and if they can smell it, they will be drawn to it. Take your trash out regularly to avoid attracting pests. Pests are also attracted to trash.

Do you have a pest problem? A mixture of borax and sugar can help you eliminate ants from your home. Sugar attracts them and borax kills them. Mix equal parts sugar and borax in a small, lidded jar. Put the mixture in a jar with holes punctured into the top, then shake it over baseboards and over your home’s foundation.

Eliminate mosquito habitat to eliminate mosquitoes. Eliminate standing water anyplace you can. Mosquitoes do not need large amounts of water to thrive. A mosquito could lay eggs in some dirty dishes or in a food can.

If you’re storing a camper or a travel trailer during the winter, mice can find their way in sometimes. There are repellents that are natural and effective that keep these things away from your property. Smaller bags of repellent can smell good and do not have a poisonous effect, yet can keep mice away.

Drains are a common place where pests can be found. Be sure yours are inspected and cleaned regularly, with a snake or with liquid drain cleaner. Debris and other things can cause mold to grow inside them, giving pests a great place to live.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting can also attract pests. Don’t put exterior lighting right next to the entrance of your house. Additionally, install orange- or yellow-colored lights, as insects are not as attracted to these two colors.

Rodents like to eat any type of food, so remember this when you are fighting a rodent problem. You can use just about any tasty treat in a trap, including jelly, cheese, peanut butter or lunch meat. You can always use food that is no longer good as well.

If you are having a problem with silverfish, this tip may prove quite useful. Leave a wet newspaper out all night. Many people can attest to the success of this newspaper trick. You then trap them before they start to scatter and dispose of them.

When using pesticides, it is imperative that you carefully follow the instructions shown on labels. Although you may believe that more product can lead to better results, this isn’t typically true. You want to keep everyone’s health in mind. Overuse of this product can endanger your family’s health. It can also be harmful to indoor pets, too.

If your bug problem persists, you might not be using pesticides correctly. Make sure that you are applying this pesticide everywhere to get rid of these critters. Make sure when you apply pesticide outside the home, you also spray inside the home as well.

If you keep clutter down, you will keep the bugs away. Tables and bookshelves are favored hiding spots of most small pests. Spend some time cleaning out these areas and you are likely to remove a large portion of any pest infestation.

Have you discovered carpenter ants? If so, then they almost always mean that you have a bigger problem. They are attracted to wet wood, which means your house has a leak somewhere which can lead to wood rot. An expert will be able to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and how to effectively address it.

If you see damage in wood work, examine the rings that are in the wood. If the rings in the wood have damage, then it’s more than likely not termites. Those pests only like the soft parts of the wood. You’ll know you have termites if the soft wood is damaged but the rings are not.

If you have pets in your home, keep tabs on any professional level baits for mice. You cannot allow your dogs to have access to these bait stations. Mouse and rat poison can kill dogs and cats.

Eliminate Pests

It is not necessarily easy to eliminate pests from a home. It can take some people months or years to totally get rid of some of those critters. Apply this advice to eliminate pests entirely. Then you can sleep at ease knowing your house is pest-free.

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