Located in the southeastern end of San Fernando Valley is Burbank, California, home to Warner Bros, Disney, and many more Hollywood famous locations. Los Angeles county invites all who want to experience our warm weather and Hollywood nights.

However, some unexpected guests may be hitching a ride to get front-row seats to our homes and more. 

Pest Control 

Pests cause structural damage that is expensive to repair. They enter your home because just like people, pests need food, water, and shelter. When pests make entry they introduce an opportunity for allergies or even disease to walk through your door. 

At Pacific Pest Control, we will construct 3 barriers of protection for your home, from behind your power outlets to the driveway. Choose between our one time visit to a year-round pest control service, we will ensure you are completely satisfied.    

Commercial Pest Control 

By the time a customer sees a pest within your business, odds are that customer will not come back. Pests spread quickly and the word about your business can do the same. We at Pacific Pest Control want Burbank, California to continue to grow and be an open opportunity for businesses to thrive, worry-free about the small things. 

We offer commercial pest control treatments and can even install special equipment to ensure the service is right for your business to thrive.

Rodent Control

A small crack in the attic is an opportunity for a rodent. Their teeth forever growing they will find anything to chew on including wires and pipes. Rodents enter your home through cracks in the foundation, pipes, or even the smallest of holes in the wall. Signs of rodents include rat droppings, noises in the wall or attic, or one shuffling across the room. 

Our rodent control services include rodent trapping and removal services as well as bait stations. Our goal at Pacific Pest Control is to get the rodents out of your home and prevent them from returning, our Burbank team will seal all entry points and clean the home of the bacteria and droppings leftover from the rodents.  

Termite Control & Damage Repair

Have you ever seen a new crack in a doorway or a hole with a small pile of what looks like sawdust? Early signs of termites are difficult to spot and termite damages can escalate quickly, costing thousands.

Our Burbank termite control team can perform a termite inspection of your home. Once treatment is done on the home, our crew even offers wood repair on structures with termite damage.  

Attic Cleaning & Tap Insulation

Attics being warm and dark are the most common area for unwelcomed rodents to find sanctuary, and for their bacteria to thrive. Cleaning the attic can pose a danger to humans if not handled properly. 

Our Attic Cleaning & TAP Insulation team will seal off any old entry points and vacuum up droppings and debris with a HEPA filter. If insulation has been infested we will remove it and place our fire retardant, pest preventative T.A.P. insulation.  

Disinfecting Services 

Pacific Pest Control disinfects for SARS, COVID-19, and other harmful viruses. We are one of the few licensed companies in California to offer disinfecting services against COVID-19. Our Burbank Pest Control team disinfection kills 100% of viruses and sanitation that kills 99.9% of viruses. 

Hire a Burbank, CA Pest Control Company

At Pacific Pest Control, we want your home to be as pest-free as ours is. From special treatment or installing equipment to maintain a safe environment, we deliver business and homeowners the opportunity to be worry-free about rodents and insects. 

For a free estimate on service in Burbank, California contact us today!