Gophers appear to be harmless little creatures. However, they can cause havoc to your property and your pocketbook. There are steps you must take if gophers are digging up your yard. Equip yourself by understanding these pests, considering your options, and knowing where to turn for help.

What is Digging up Your Yard?    

Gophers are small mammals with a brief life span of one to three years. They use much of this time digging an extensive network of burrows and tunnels. Because they are herbivores, they enjoy eating the roots of a variety of plants.

There are many telltale signs of a gopher invasion. One distinctive clue is a series of horseshoe-shaped mounds in the yard. Other hints include sunken areas of the property and a pattern of dying plants. If left untreated, these problems will only multiply.

What are Your Options to Stop Gophers from Digging in Your Yard?

Once you find evidence of a gopher invasion, it is important to take action immediately with the following steps:

Set Gopher Traps

You first want to get rid of the gophers presently in your yard. You may find traps online or at some hardware stores. You must decide if you will use a humane catch-and-release method, or if you will turn to poison.

Be informed of local laws concerning the management of this type of removal. Bait and hide traps where holes are found. Check the traps daily and dispose of those that are caught. Use several traps in order to be effective.                                        

Use Gopher Repellents

Once gophers are removed, guard against a new infestation. This can be done through the use of repellents. Mulch, gravel and peppermint and castor oils are helpful deterrents to place throughout the yard.

Create Gopher Barriers

Protect your property by building wire mesh or hardware cloth barriers around the perimeter of the property. They must be placed a foot or more underground in order to be constructive. Wire baskets around plants will add an extra measure of protection.

Gopher Removal Fullerton, CA

Trying to address a gopher problem yourself will take much time and trial-and-error. The task is often overwhelming. A professional may seem expensive, yet the investment will reduce costs by getting straight to a solution.

When you are faced with the problem of a gopher invasion, turn to Pacific Pest Control. We have over twenty years of experience in all areas of pest management and removal.

Our proven gopher control methods have helped countless families reclaim their properties. We have the tools and training to protect your family and your property’s value. Call for a free consultation today.