Some methods of pest control can be rather expensive, such as buying costly, gas powered rat traps or having your house’s stone foundations repointed. Most people don’t want to open their checkbooks for these sorts of prices, however, the costs of having a house fumigated or repairing termite damage isn’t exactly easy on the wallet either. Fortunately, there are many simple and cheap pest control methods you can try today. Here are a few cost effective ways of pest proofing your home.

Seal Openings

First, make sure to block all the ways pests can use to get inside your house. You can do this by caulking cracks in your mortar, repairing window screens, closing off areas around laundry vents and outside outlets and making sure your garage door makes a firm seal with the ground.

Invite Birds

Birds are an unconventional, but useful pest control measure. Simply hang out a bird feeder and fill it with seeds. The birds that arrive will often eat up a lot of local bugs as well.

Clean Your House

One of the major reasons why pests come into your home in the first place is for the food. There’s an easy remedy for this, simply keep your house as clean of crumbs as you can. Wipe off counters any time there’s food on it and vacuum at least once a week. 

Remove Moisture

Beside food, pests need water to survive, so keep your house dry. Do this by insulating your water pipes, running a dehumidifier, fixing leaky faucets and remove standing water sources like open cups or puddles in your sink. 

Organize Your Yard

A common reason why people have pests in their yard is because they are cluttered with wood piles, overgrown grass, children’s toys, tools, etc. This makes it very easy for pests to hide and reproduce right under our noses. Try to maintain a healthy lawn and organize all the items in a tidy manner.

Make a Flytrap

Finally, an easy pest prevention device is a homemade fly trap. It’s so simple you can do it with kids. Just pour some apple cider vinegar into an uncovered cup and squirt in some dish soap. When the flies and mosquitoes, attracted by the sweat smell, dive into the cup, the dish soap holds them under and drowns them.

Pest control can be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be quite cheap if you know how to do it right, and yet no less effective. For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, visit us at our site today.