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Termites in Attic

Colonies of this social insect occur in sound, dry wood. Workers share food with the other members of the colony. The Tunnels or galleries which house the colony are produced by workers in dry, cured wood are clean and free of debris. Tunnels can run across the grain of the wood. Those reaching the wood surface end in “kick” holes, where you will see fecal pellets or droppings from the colony and pile up below infested wood area. If you see pellets and or something flying, it could be a termite alate, drywood termite swarmer’s have a red head and subterranean termites have a black head. We can use products that can infect a termite and it is an advanced undetectable liquid technology. That means termites cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid it. Instead, they contact, ingest and share it; they are completely unaware that doing so inevitably will kill them if done right and if the product is in every gallery “Transfer Effect™ with Termidor.

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