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Pest Control Is Easy With These Great Tips

Are pests slowly invading your living space? Are you not getting a lot of enjoyment out of your home anymore? You can now put away your fears of having to continue to deal anymore with them. The article below is full of great advice on ridding your home of pests.

You have to know the ordinances and building codes in order to know what pest control treatments are allowed. Using chemicals that are banned can do you an injustice if you put your home on the market. Be sure to look into any type of chemical you are planning on using to make certain it’s allowed in your community, city and state.

Never buy a home without a thorough pest inspection first. Certain signals of infestation prove easy to spot and identify. However, be mindful that you might not know what exact species you are dealing with for at least a few days.

When considering new trees for your yard, pay attention to where you place them, keeping them away from your house. If there are trees too close to your house, this gives rodents access to high places such as the roof from which they can enter your home. They should be about 15 or more feet from your house.

Make sure you rinse out any containers you are recycling. It’s especially important to rinse out soda cans, as they have tons of sugar on and in them. When you put your recycle bin outside or in the garage, be sure it’s not sticky by rinsing out every container you place in it.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting really does attract the pests. If you must have outdoor lighting, try using bulbs that are pink, yellow or orange in tint, as these tend to attract pests much less.

If you’ve got a camper or travel trailer that’s stored in the wintertime, mice may get inside to live in it. Try using natural repellents to keep them away during all seasons of the year. Smaller bags of repellent can smell good and do not have a poisonous effect, yet can keep mice away.

Drains are a common place where pests can be found. Therefore, you should ensure that you regularly clean them on a monthly basis. Pour liquid cleaner down your drain in order to flush out pests, or you could actually put a snake into your drain. You can develop quite a build up of debris in your drain which makes a lovely home for pests.

Are there cracks in your walls? Older houses are sure to have cracks and openings all around the foundations. Those cracks serve as entry points for all sorts of pests. Look at the ceilings too. Your ceiling can have numerous small cracks in it, which pests can use to enter your home.

Attempting to eliminate silverfish from your home? Try this out! Leave a wet newspaper out overnight. Many people can attest to the success of this newspaper trick. In the morning, be sure to gather them up quickly and place them in a trash bag outdoors.

Use caulk to seal up cracks if you find out you have a problem with bugs. Sprays and foggers can’t reach deep inside walls and behind cabinets where bugs reside and hide. Use caulk everywhere that molding meets the floor, around pipe fixtures and sinks, as well as anywhere that you think bugs can enter.

You can spray flying insects with hairspray as an effective counter measure. Perfume will also work. Make sure you do not get these substances in your eyes. Both of these are flammable, so keep them away from open flames. Use this solution if you are out of bug spray.

Eliminate wasp nests or bee hives during nighttime. It’s possible for homeowners to remove these hives and nests on their own with a spray foam that can be bought from their local hardware store. You can spray the foam from far away so that you can safely kill the insects. You should spray hives at night when bees are barely active and then watch and respray for a couple days. When it’s clear there are no more living bees, you can remove the hive.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are usually the indication of another problem. Carpenter ants love wood that is wet; this might be a leak if you have them. Have an expert determine your problem and a solution.

If you want to take on your pest problem yourself, be sure to bring along a sample of your pests to the store whenever purchasing pesticides. This assists the seller, as they will know which pest is causing the problem and which pesticide is best to get rid of them. Most pesticides work for specific pests. This helps you realize you have the right one for the pest.

You can get rid of pests in your home with some effort. There’s no need to just live with them or waste money on useless treatments. Take back control of your home by utilizing the above advice. Have a great time in your own home once more.

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