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Pest Control Advice Directly From The Experts

It is unsanitary, annoying and sometimes even hazardous when certain pests make it into your home. Ridding yourself of pests can prove somewhat costly, but it’s worth it. Use the tips below to help you successfully remove your pests.

Steel wool is a great way to deter mice and other critters. It’s too hard for a mouse to chew through these steel strands. Any opening bigger than half an inch should be plugged. These animals can squeeze through extremely small openings.

Always have new homes inspected by a trained professional. It can be easy to spot some infestations, but those under your home on inside the walls won’t be visible until a few days have passed.

Don’t be gullible when it comes to thinking you’re past a bedbug infestation. Bedbugs don’t have to eat for a whole year. This is the reason it is important to close off all holes in your home’s walls and floors. They will not be able to get into these areas.

If you have a water leak, fix it. Water attracts pests. Just a tiny drip can be detected by pests far away. Do not be the reason that you are being invaded by pests. Just put in some work to fix the leak, and you can prevent having to put in a lot of work to eliminate pests from your home.

Seal off cracks and crevices throughout your home. Most times, these places are entry points for pests that wish to live in your home. They won’t be able to come in if their entrance is blocked.

If you keep pets, it’s not wise to use mouse or rat poison. If pets touch dead or sick rodents, they will be exposed to poison as well. In addition, poison should never be used around young children. They can think that the poison is candy.

Store dry food items in plastic storage containers. Many dry goods inside bags or boxes can be easily accessed by pests. Put the food in a sealed bin. By using plastic containers, you can prevent pests and keep food fresh longer.

You are gathering pests to your home by keeping that outside light on at night. Avoid placing these lights near your home’s entrances. Or you can use orange or yellow lights. They don’t like those as much.

When battling mice and rats, bear in mind that they usually eat pretty much anything. Peanut butter, cheese, savory foods, cheese and more are all great for traps. Spoiled foods work too and using them in your traps is one way to get dispose of them.

Have your neighbors help you eliminate pests. Chances are that if you have pests, the people that live next to you probably do as well. Additionally, if you do get them out of your home, they will only come back if someone by you has them, as well. Ask the people around you to help you so that pests are gone for good.

When using pesticides, it is imperative that you carefully follow the instructions shown on labels. You may think you need to use more when you really don’t have to. Usually, using more of these products just increases health risks.

Bee Hives

Dealing with wasps nests or bee hives should be done at night. Spray foam helps homeowners fight against bee hives. Such foams have long reach and are good for killing bees from far away. Nighttime is the best time to spray because the bees typically are not very active at this time. Once you know the bees have died, the hive can be taken down.

Speak with neighbors for tips. It is likely your neighbors will have the same issues. You can share ideas and come up with a better way to control pests. You might also be able to alert your neighbor to a potential problem.

Carpenter ant infestations are almost always a sign of a bigger problem. They eat primarily wet wood, and therefore you likely have leaks as well as rotten wood. Let a pro see what the issue is and how you can solve it.

To reduce mosquito infestation, be sure you don’t have any standing water in the garden. Mosquitoes lay eggs in water, and this water is the ideal environment for larvae. Look in places where it is likely that water will start collecting.

Oil of mustard helps repel any racoons trying to gain entrance to your home. Put the oil in the critter’s living area and look around for its point of entrance. When it is not there, cover the hole with wire.

As previously stated, pests can be annoying and harmful to your heath. So make sure that you take care of this problem as soon as possible. Put the above advice to good use, and pests will hopefully be a thing of the past.

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